What are some character traits of Tom Walker and his wife?

What are some character traits of Tom Walker and his wife?

What character traits do Tom Walker and his wife share? Tom and his wife are both miserly, grasping, mean-spirited, and without conscience.

How does Irving’s description reflect romanticism interest in exotic settings?

231 How does Irving’s reflect the Romantic characteristic of an interest in exotic settings? Irving’s description of the swamp shows nature in its wildest, most exotic state. Within the deep swamp, there’s an Indian fort that’s overgrown with foliage that forms a contrast to the dark pines and hemlocks.

What are some character traits of Tom Walker?

A “meagre miserly fellow,” Tom Walker is first and foremost outrageously, self-destructively greedy. He despises his miserly, abusive wife and has nothing to live for but the satisfaction of his desire for owning things.

What was the relationship like between Tom and the devil?

In the short story “The Devil and Tom Walker,” Tom Walker and his wife have a terrible, unhealthy relationship. Irving writes that Tom and his wife were a miserly couple, who would continually argue and physically fight.

What kind of person was Tom Walker’s wife?

As was mentioned in the previous post, Tom Walker and his wife are both greedy, cantankerous, miserable individuals. At the beginning of the story, Irving describes Tom’s wife as being “termagant” (defined by Merriam-Webster as “an overbearing or nagging woman”) and having a fierce temper.

What bad trait do both Tom Walker and his wife have how is this trait shown in the way they collect eggs?

How is this trait shown in the way they collect eggs? Both Tom Walker and his wife are secretive w/ each other. Whenever they collect eggs, they hide some from the other and keep it a secret.

What is romanticism elements?

10 Key Characteristics of Romanticism in Literature

  • Glorification of Nature.
  • Awareness and Acceptance of Emotions.
  • Celebration of Artistic Creativity and Imagination.
  • Emphasis on Aesthetic Beauty.
  • Themes of Solitude.
  • Focus on Exoticism and History.
  • Spiritual and Supernatural Elements.
  • Vivid Sensory Descriptions.

Is Washington Irving a dark romantic?

Washington Irving, considered the father and creator of the American short story, writes symbolically of American society through his characters and themes. Irving was one of the only Dark Romantic authors who used stories to expose societal flaws so that they might be fixed.

What character traits best describes Tom’s wife?

Tom and his wife are mean-spirited, selfish, and only care about themselves. BECAUSE they do not feed their horse, their house is forlorn, they are miserly, and Toms wife is “tall termagant, fierce of temper, loud of tongue, and strong of arm.”

What does Tom’s wife want him to do?

Tom’s wife decides to go the Indian fort to try to strike her own deal. She disappears. The most likely story is that she fought with the Devil and he killed her. All that was found of her was he heart and liver tied up in her apron.

Which best describes the relationship between Tom and his wife?

Describe the relationship between Tom Walker and his wife. The relationship between Tom Walker and his wife is that they are very greedy. They are married but they don’t share anything and they try and steal each others stuff. She even scratches him when they fight and she is the opposite of the women back then.

What motivates Tom’s wife to meet with the devil?

Greed and spite
A4. What motivates Tom’s wife to meet with the Devil? Greed and spite. She wants money and is mad that Tom won’t accept the deal.

Is the Devil and Tom Walker a romantic novel?

However, “The Devil and Tom Walker,” which is often taught in high school literature classes, offers many characteristics that are part of the romantic literature genre. “The Devil and Tom Walker” is an example of romanticism in American literature.

When did Washington Irving write the Devil and Tom Walker?

Washington Irving wrote “The Devil and Tom Walker” as part of a short stories collection titled “Tales of a Traveller” in 1824. Set in New England in the 1700s, Walker selling his soul to the devil for treasure is one horrific component to this story that may seem everything but romantic.

How is Tom’s wife similar to the Devil?

Much like the devil, Tom’s wife has a love affair with herself, and her dream is to achieve more. She is unhappy with her reality. The situation the devil presents is more than she can ignore, no matter the cost.

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