What are all the names of the rainbow fairies?

What are all the names of the rainbow fairies?

Rainbow Fairies (1-7)

  • Ruby the Red Fairy.
  • Amber the Orange Fairy.
  • Saffron the Yellow Fairy (U.S. title: Sunny the Yellow Fairy)
  • Fern the Green Fairy.
  • Sky the Blue Fairy.
  • Izzy the Indigo Fairy (U.S. title: Inky the Indigo Fairy)
  • Heather the Violet Fairy.

Is there a Rainbow Magic fairy called Niamh?

Appearance: Niamh has red hair swooped back by an Ireland headband.

How many Rainbow Magic are there?

There are currently 228 Rainbow Magic: The Fairytale Fairies books by Daisy Meadows.

What are those fairy books called?

Main series

# Title Ghostwriter
1 Ruby the Red Fairy Narinder Dhami
2 Amber the Orange Fairy Narinder Dhami
3 Saffron the Yellow Fairy (US name: Sunny the Yellow Fairy) Sue Bentley
4 Fern the Green Fairy Narinder Dhami

Is Daisy Meadows a real person?

Because – spoiler alert – Daisy Meadows does not exist. Nor is she an imaginary being, such as the innumerable fairies that populate the world of Rainbow Magic, the enormously popular fiction series whose authorship is credited to Daisy Meadows.

Who was the first Rainbow Magic fairy?

Ruby the Red Fairy
Ruby the Red Fairy is the first book in the Rainbow Magic series. In this book, Rachel and Kirsty meet each other on a boat ride to Rainspell Island, and find Ruby in a pot at the end of a rainbow.

What is Daisy Meadows real name?

Narinder Dhami
Narinder Dhami was born in Wolverhampton, England on November 15, 1958. She received a degree in English from Birmingham University in 1980.

Is Daisy Meadows still writing?

The books are ghostwritten by a number of authors under the collective pseudonym Daisy Meadows, and illustrated by Georgie Ripper in some books and uncredited illustrators in the latest books….Rainbow Magic.

The current Rainbow Magic logo
Language English
Genre Children’s literature
Publisher Orchard Books
Published 2003–present

What is a good name for a fairy?

Enchanted Fairy Names for Girls

Chepi Fairy (Algonquin) Native American
Elvenia Elf or magical being, friend English
Ensley Solitary clearing Scottish
Fayetta Little fairy French
Fayette Little fairy French

Is there a Rainbow Magic movie?

Rainbow Magic: Return to Rainspell Island is a British-Japanese animated movie released on the 7th May 2010. It is the only film or series of any kind to be released to date based on the Rainbow Magic property.

Does Daisy Meadows still alive?

Who owns Rainbow Magic?

IoM Media Ventures
Rainbow Magic is a British children’s fiction brand originally created by Working Partners and now owned by IoM Media Ventures. It is best known for the children’s books published by Orchard Books.

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