Is it possible for a girl to apply for NDA?

Is it possible for a girl to apply for NDA?

No, You cant apply for NDA , Only Unmarried male candidates are eligible to apply for NDA Examination after completing Intermediate examination, But Girls cant Join Defence after completing 12th examination. If your aim is to Join Defence, then please complete your Graduate degree course and then you can appear for various Defence examinations.

Which is the eligibility criteria for the NDA Exam?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) prescribes NDA eligibility criteria along with the notification. According to the eligibility criteria of NDA, unmarried male candidates who have completed their Class 12 or equivalent examination can apply for the exam.

When does Supreme Court allow women to appear for NDA Exam?

18th August 2021: Supreme Court Allows Women to Appear for NDA Exam! The Supreme Court has announced on 18th August 2021, that women candidates can appear for the upcoming National Defence Academy (NDA) exam scheduled to take place in November.

Are there any female candidates for National Defence Academy?

The National Defence Academy (NDA) is getting ready to welcome female aspirants in the upcoming entrance exam cycles, owing to the Supreme Court’s interim order on the ongoing issue of allowing women candidates to join the prestigious defence academy of the country.

Can a girl apply for the UPSC NDA Exam?

NO A GIRL CAN NOT APPLY FOR THE UPSC NDA EXAM. The girls are not allowed for NDA,well there are certain criteria which is necessary to apply for the NDA,but girls do not fulfill such criteria. Girls can join the defense services through CDSE after graduation,by applying for the OTA-Officers Training Academy.

Are there any women candidates for NDA 2021?

Women candidates can now appear for the upcoming NDA 2021 exam, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The Apex Court has also said that admissions will be subject to the final orders of the court, scheduled to be announced on September 8, 2021. The court has also directed UPSC to take out the corrigendum and advertise it widely.

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