Is friendly fire illegal?

Is friendly fire illegal?

The friendly fire status of a corporation is always publicly visible to all players. Existing player corporations will default to friendly fire being Legal – so they will behave exactly the same as they currently do with no action required.

Why does friendly fire exist?

Use of the term “friendly” in a military context for allied personnel started during the First World War, often when shells fell short of the targeted enemy. The term friendly fire was originally adopted by the United States military; S.L.A. Marshall used the term in Men Against Fire in 1947.

Why does Blue on Blue happen?

Many North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) militaries refer to these incidents as blue on blue, which derives from military exercises where NATO forces were identified by blue pennants and units representing Warsaw Pact forces by red pennants.

What is war fragging?

Fragging was a slang term used to describe U.S. military personnel tossing of fragmentation hand grenades (hence the term “fragging”) usually into sleeping areas to murder fellow soldiers. Fragging incidents in combat were usually attempts to remove leaders perceived to be incompetent and a threat to survival.

What are the effects of a fratricide attack?

The effects of fratricide can be devastating and spread deeply within a unit. Fratricide increases the risk of unacceptable losses and the risk of mission failure. Fratricide seriously affects the unit’s ability to survive and function.

What causes a fratricide in a minefield?

LEAD TO THESE PRIMARY FRATRICIDE CAUSES: A Fatal Navigation Error Loss of Fire Control — Direct and Indirect A Reporting, Battle Tracking or Clearance of Fires Error Ineffective Maneuver Control Casualties in Friendly Minefields Combat Identification Errors Weapons Errors or Failures in Discipline

What are the causes of fratricide in World War 1?

LEAD TO THESE PRIMARY FRATRICIDE CAUSES: 1 A Fatal Navigation Error 2 Loss of Fire Control — Direct & Indirect 3 A Reporting, Battle Tracking or Clearance of Fires Error 4 Ineffective Maneuver Control 5 Casualties in Friendly Minefields 6 Combat Identification Errors 7 Weapons Errors or Failures in Discipline

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