Is Cosmic a noun verb or adjective?

Is Cosmic a noun verb or adjective?

adjective. cos·​mic | \ ˈkäz-mik \

Is Cosmic an adjective?

Of or from or pertaining to the cosmos or universe.

Is Cosmos a proper noun?

noun, plural cos·mos, cos·mos·es for 2, 4. the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system.

What part of speech is cosmic?


part of speech: adjective
definition: of or relating to the universe. An eclipse is a cosmic event.
derivation: cosmically (adv.)

What is the noun of cosmic?

cosmography. The creation of maps of the universe. The study of the size and geometry of the universe and changes in those with cosmic time.

What does it mean if you are cosmic?

The word ‘cosmic’ means ‘of the universe’. So, cosmic connection literally means a connection we form with another person guided by the universe. They are just what we need at that time in our life, and the universe recognizes that need based on what we may have expressed consciously or subconsciously.

Is Cosmical a word?

of unsurpassed size, extent, or significance; vast; as, of cosmic proportions; of cosmic importance.

Is cosmos Capitalised?

Physical cosmology Our particular cosmos, the observable universe, is generally capitalized as the Cosmos.

What’s another word for cosmos?

What is another word for cosmos?

creation macrocosm
universe world
nature ether
galaxy heavens
macrocosmos megacosm

What word goes with cosmic?


  • global.
  • grandiose.
  • huge.
  • immense.
  • infinite.
  • planetary.
  • catholic.
  • cosmogonal.

What is active noun?

noun. /ˈæktɪv/ (also active voice) [singular] the form of a verb in which the subject is the person or thing that performs the action In “She drove the car,” “she” is the subject and the verb “drove” is in the active. compare passive.

What is the noun form of stellar?

stellation. (mathematics) The construction of a stellated polyhedron (or other polytope) by extending edges or planes. (obsolete) radiation of light.

What is a synonym for cosmic?

Synonyms for cosmic space. cosmos. celestial spaces. deep space. empty space. ether space. infinite space.

What is the definition of cosmic?

Definition of cosmic. 1a : of or relating to the cosmos, the extraterrestrial vastness, or the universe in contrast to the earth alone cosmic radiation. b : of, relating to, or concerned with abstract spiritual or metaphysical (see metaphysical sense 2) ideas cosmic wisdom.

What is cosmic radiation?

Cosmic radiation, often referred to as cosmic microwave background radiation, is a form of electromagnetic radiation that exists throughout the entire universe. Cosmic radiation is one of the major sources of background radiation on earth.

What is a cosmic wave?

The COSMIC WAVE, or CMB, is radiation that fills the universe and can be detected in every direction. Microwaves are invisible to the naked eye so they cannot be seen without instruments.

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