Is cities starting with W?

Is cities starting with W?

Cities in the United States with population greater than 10,000 starting with the letter $W….United States Cities Starting with W.

City 2021 Population State
Washington 714,153 District of Columbia
Wichita 391,352 Kansas
Winston-Salem 250,765 North Carolina
Worcester 185,174 Massachusetts

What is a place starting with Y?

Cities Starting with Y

City Population Country
Yogyakarta 636,660 Indonesia
Yancheng 628,441 China
Yaroslavl 606,730 Russia
Yingkou 591,159 China

What is a place that starts with R?

Cities Starting with R

City Population Country
Riyadh 4,205,961 Saudi Arabia
Rome 2,318,895 Italy
Rawalpindi 1,743,101 Pakistan
Rabat 1,655,753 Morocco

What city starts with the letter Y?

United States Cities Starting with Y

City 2021 Population State
Yonkers 201,344 New York
Yuma 99,559 Arizona
Yakima 93,815 Washington
Yorba Linda 67,754 California

What country starts with W?

Officially Wales is the only country that begins with the Letter W. Wales has a population of 3.136 million and three world heritage sites.

What states in USA with W?


  • What city starts with Z?

    United States Cities Starting with Z

    City 2021 Population State
    Zanesville 25,142 Ohio
    Zion 23,155 Illinois
    Zachary 18,705 Louisiana
    Zephyrhills 17,522 Florida

    Which country starts with Z?

    Countries that start with “Z”

    # Country Area (Km²)
    1 Zambia 743,390
    2 Zimbabwe 386,850

    What is a city that starts with B?

    United States Cities Starting with B

    City 2021 Population State
    Boston 695,506 Massachusetts
    Baltimore 575,584 Maryland
    Bakersfield 389,007 California
    Buffalo 254,290 New York

    What is a city that starts with N?

    United States Cities Starting with N

    City 2021 Population State
    New York City 8,230,290 New York
    Nashville 678,448 Tennessee
    New Orleans 388,424 Louisiana
    Newark 282,529 New Jersey

    What is a city that starts with Z?

    Cities Starting with Z

    City Population Country
    Zagazig 285,097 Egypt
    Zhytomyr 282,192 Ukraine
    Zelenograd 215,727 Russia
    Zabrze 192,177 Poland

    What states have the letter W in them?

    Of the 50 states, only four of them have names beginning with the letter “W.” These states are Washington State, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and the state of Wyoming.

    What are some cities that begin with the letter W?

    Waco Texas. Waldorf Maryland. Walnut Creek California. Waltham Massachusetts. Warner Robins Georgia. ♥ Warren Michigan. Warwick Rhode Island. ♥ Washington Washington D.C. District of Columbia. Waterbury Connecticut.

    What are places that start with the letter W?

    Wales. Wales is a country that is part of the Great Britain Island and the United Kingdom.

  • Western Sahara. Western Sahara remains a disputed region of North Africa.
  • Western Samoa. Western Samoa is an independent state,having a unitary parliamentary democracy with eleven administrative divisions.
  • WA Self.
  • What is country that starts with “W”?

    Wallis and Futuna Islands Start with “W”. Wallis is official is Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands is a French island. Mata-Utu is the capital of Wallis and Futuna Islands and country dialing code is +681.the country population 15,500.Currency use in Wallis and Futuna CFP franc . And country official language is French.Wallis and Futuna Islands Area in KM is 140.

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