Is algae a fungus or bacteria?

Is algae a fungus or bacteria?

Algae are sometimes considered plants and sometimes considered “protists” (a grab-bag category of generally distantly related organisms that are grouped on the basis of not being animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, or archaeans).

Is algae a protist or fungi?

algae, singular alga, members of a group of predominantly aquatic photosynthetic organisms of the kingdom Protista. Algae have many types of life cycles, and they range in size from microscopic Micromonas species to giant kelps that reach 60 metres (200 feet) in length.

Is green algae a plant or fungi?

In general the fungal species that partner in lichens cannot live on their own, while the algal species is often found living in nature without the fungus….

Green algae
(unranked): Archaeplastida
Kingdom: Plantae
Groups included
Mesostigmatophyceae Spirotaenia Chlorokybophyceae Chlorophyta Charophyta

What are the differences between fungi and algae?

Fungi grow as chains of cells called fungal hyphae. Both algae and fungi form thallus. The main difference between algae and fungi is that algae are autotrophs, containing chlorophylls for photosynthesis whereas fungi are heterotrophs, obtaining organic material from the sources in the external environment.

What is an organism composed of both fungus and algae?

Lichen , any of about 15,000 species of plantlike organisms that consist of a symbiotic association of algae (usually green) or cyanobacteria and fungi (mostly ascomycetes and basidiomycetes). Lichens are found worldwide and occur in a variety of environmental conditions.

What does fungus provide algae with?

In a few situations, fungi find other means of getting the energy they need. Lichens are fungi that also contain a symbiotic algae. The fungus provides a space for the algae to grow, and the algae provide food for the fungus.

Does algae belong the Fungi kingdom?

Algae belong to the kingdom Protista whereas, fungi belong to the kingdom Fungi. Algae are autotrophs, and Fungi are heterotrophs. Algae contain photosynthetic pigments. Fungi are capable of digesting non-living, organic material, and also absorbs simple nutrients by the fungal hyphae.

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