How old is Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior right now?

How old is Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior right now?

According to heightzone, Ray’s age is currently 34 and there are not many details known about Ray’s wife.

What happened to Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior?

In September 2015, Ray Ray decided to leave the group to pursue a solo career. This left EJ, Mike and Princeton (who was the only original member of the group left) as a trio until the disbandment of the group in February 2017.

Which Mindless Behavior member has a baby?

Rayan De’Quan Lopez, also known as Ray Ray, is a dad to a one-year-old little boy! The former Mindless Behavior group member welcomed his first child with girlfriend Jahmia Sutherland, who is Joe Jackson’s great niece, last May.

Is Mindless Behavior a brother?

Is mindless behavior a brother? Mindless Behavior, managed by Sapp’s fraternity brother, features members Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal.

When did Ray McElrathbey attend Clemson?

McElrathbey first arrived at Clemson in the summer of 2005 before his freshman year, taking some early summer courses in preparation for the school year. “It was an adjustment for me more than anything,” McElrathbey said about his first year in college.

Did Mindless Behavior break up?

Mindless Behavior (or simply known as “MB”) was a American boy band, best known for the singles, “My Girl” and “Mrs. Right”. The band was put together in 2008 and then disbanded in 2017, by Walter Millshap III, Vincent Herbert, and Keisha Gamble.

Which Mindless Behavior member went to jail?

star Roc Royal
Mindless Behavior star Roc Royal is about to experience it first hand after being sentenced to two years in prison on Thursday. The star, who left the group for unspecified reasons, was arrested back in February for robbery and battery.

Who is the oldest out of Mindless Behavior?

Ray Ray
Ray Ray is the oldest member of the original group at age 25. Before joining the group, Ray Ray used to dance with Tommy the Clown until he left his program to be in Mindless Behavior.

Why did Roc Royal in jail?

He was pursuing a solo music career and was going to release his debut EP. His debut music video for the single “Amazing” currently has over 950,000 views on YouTube. Currently, Chresanto is serving a 2-year prison sentence due to being charged with battery and robbery after he was arrested in February of 2016.

When did Ray Ray of Mindless Behavior go solo?

Ray Ray now referred to as “Rayan” left Mindlless Behavior in September of 2015 as he decided to go solo. He is currently filming a movie and working on his latest music project Gum Stuck To My Faith. More photos of Rayan and his family are below!

Who is the oldest member of Mindless Behavior?

He was born on January 6, 1996 in Los Angeles, California and the last member to audition for Mindless Behavior, as former lead singer Prodigy was discovered on YouTube. He was the oldest member of the original group.

When did Ray Ray first start to dance?

I==Biography== Ray Ray started dancing when he was a kid as he would dance at home and during parties. Before joining MB, he used to dance with Tommy the Clown and his crew.

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