How old is a Remington Model 11?

How old is a Remington Model 11?

The Remington Model 11-87 is a semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms and based on the earlier Model 1100. The Model 11-87 remains in contemporary production, 34 years after being introduced in 1987….

Remington Model 11-87
Place of origin United States
Service history
Used by See Users
Production history

Is Remington Model 11 A good gun?

“My old restored Model 11 is reliable and effective despite its age and questionable parentage.” The Remington Model 11 is an American-made version of the classic Browning Auto-5. Both of these guns typically age well because they were cut from big blocks of steel. The shotgun’s stock and forend are made of walnut.

When did the Remington Model 11 come out?

Remington Model 11-48
Designed 1948
Manufacturer Remington Arms
Produced 1949–1968
No. built 455,535

Will a Remington Model 11 shoot 3 inch shells?

Thanks in advance. As long as the gun has a 3 inch chamber, yes, you can use the 3 inch shells.

When did Remington stop making the Model 11?

At its inception, the Remington shotgun became the first auto-loading shotgun to be produced in the United States. In 1911, the shotgun was renamed to the “Remington Model 11” and some 850,000 units went on to be sold until 1947.

Is the Remington Model 11 the same as a Browning A5?

Any way you look at it the M11 and the A5 are two different guns. Remington’s “American Browning” was a M11 with a magazine cut off and Browning’s name on it. Almost no parts are interchangable between the Remington guns and the Belgian or Japanese Brownings.

What Remington shotgun looks like a Browning a5?

The Model 11 was designed by none other than legendary John F. Browning, and, interestingly, The Remington 11 was first produced under the name Remington Autoloading Shotgun, but in 1911, it was renamed to the Model 11.

Can a Remington Model 11 shoot slugs?

You can shoot slugs and buckshot as long as there is not a full choke (for slugs).

Can a Remington 11-87 shoot slugs?

The 11-87 is a great gun, congratulations. If you have a feild barrel on the gun, you can shoot both birdshot and foster type slugs. If you have a slug barrel, you are restricted to slugs.

Is the Browning A5 the same as the Remington Model 11?

Unlike the Remington Model 11, the Remington-produced Browning shotguns had magazine cutoffs. In 2014, Browning Arms released the A5, a recoil-operated shotgun with external resemblance to the Auto 5; it is manufactured in Viana, Portugal.

Will a Remington 1100 shoot 3 shells?

in non-magnum guns is being produced by Remington. shoot three-inch magnum lead loads with a non-magnum gun. Co.

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