How much salad do I need to feed 200 people?

How much salad do I need to feed 200 people?


Celery 4 medium stalks 8
Cucumber 2 large 8 – 11
Mushrooms (medium) 1 lb 5
Pea pods 4 oz 7

How many servings are in a 5 pound bag of lettuce?

bag. Salad cuts yield 26 3-ounce or 20 4-ounce servings per 5 lb.

How many servings are in a 3lb bag of salad?

Approx. 38 1/2 cup servings per 3lb bag.

How much salad do I need for 100 guests?

I’m providing the salad for a picnic with about 100 guests. How much should I prepare? A. When making salad for a large group, the rule of thumb is about 3 ounces per person.

How much salad is a serving?

What is a serving of salad greens and lettuce? One serving is 2 cups mesclun greens, 2 cups raw spinach (about 14 calories) or 1 cup cooked greens (about 40 calories).

What is the serving size of a salad?

How much salad do I need for 50 guests?


Lettuce for salad (heads) 5 10
Peas (fresh) 12 pounds 25 pounds
Potatoes 9 pounds 18 pounds
Potato salad 3 quarts 1–½ gallons

How many ounces of salad do you need per person?

Based on that guideline, here’s how much you will need: For the chopped vegetables, figure each person will eat 4 ounces (1/2 cup). Here’s how much you will need, based on everyone eating that amount: For the salad dressing, each person will eat about 2 tablespoons.

How many ounces of lettuce to serve per person?

If you are serving salad as a side dish (with other side dishes), plan on approximately 1.5 ounces lettuce per person. If you are serving only salad as one of the main dishes (Soup & Salad or Salad bar), plan on approximately 2.5 ounces lettuce per person.

How many servings of potato salad per serving?

Grapes – 1 cup serving of grapes is 16 grapes. The 5 pound container of Potato Salad or this 5 pound container of Baked Beans above typically serves 20 people (4 ounce servings) The answer to the question, “How Many People Does A Sheet Cake Feed?” actually lies in the answers to two other questions:

How many servings of veggies per person?

For example, if a normal serving size of vegetables is 3.5 ounces but you are offering two different types of vegetable sides, you’ll need 4.5 total ounces of veggies per person. You would calculate needing 2.25 ounces of each type of vegetable per serving.

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