How much does Lamborghini Reventon cost?

How much does Lamborghini Reventon cost?

Lamborghini Reventon Models

Trim Reventon
Engine 6.5L V12 Gas
Transmission 6-Speed E-gear Semi-automatic
Drivetrain Four-Wheel Drive
Price $1,200,000

How fast does a Lamborghini Reventon Roadster go?

340 km/h
The Lamborghini Reventón (Spanish pronunciation: [reβenˈton]) is a mid-engine sports car that debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. Its top speed is 340 km/h (210 mph).

What is the most expensive Lamborghini model?

The Veneno Roadster is the most expensive Lamborghini in the world, valued at a whopping $8.3 million. The original starting price was $4.5 million, however the most recent sale was for just under $8.3 million.

How many Lamborghini Reventons were built?

Lamborghini produced just 20 customer Reventons (and one for its museum), 10 of which were destined for the United States. On the armrest between the seats, you’ll find a plaque with “20/20” stamped on it, indicating that this car is number 20 of the Reventon’s 20-car production run.

Is Lamborghini Reventon rare?

Limited to only 20 units – the car that makes an appearance in the webisode was number 07 of 20 – the Reventon was essentially a re-bodied Murcielago LP640 and is considered a rare and exotic Lamborghini gem.

How many Reventon Roadsters are there?

A masterpiece of design with only 20 units built, inspired by the latest trends in aeronautics. The 12 cylinder engine that powers the Reventón Roadster is one of the most powerful aspirated engines in the world: from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds, reaching a top speed of 330 km/h.

Is the Lamborghini Reventon a hypercar?

One of them is the Lamborghini Reventón, a hypercar that boasts extreme performance and design. This is a limited edition work of art design that shows off what Lamborghini is capable of. The Reventón was presented at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show as a reverence for the Lamborghini Murciélago and the Diablo.

What is the rarest Lambo?

13 Rarest Lamborghini Models Ever Made

  1. 1 Lamborghini Reventon. via Motor1.
  2. 2 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Via: CarBuzz.
  3. 3 Lamborghini Aventador J. Via: CarBuzz.
  4. 4 Lamborghini Veneno. Via: CarBuzz.
  5. 5 Lamborghini Centenario. Via: CarBuzz.
  6. 6 Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse.
  7. 7 Lamborghini Miura SV/J.
  8. 8 Lamborghini Sian FKP37.

What is the coolest Lamborghini?

These Are The 15 Best Lamborghinis Of All Time

  • Lamborghini Veneno.
  • Lamborghini Diablo.
  • Lamborghini Espada.
  • Lamborghini L 33 Tractor.
  • Lamborghini LM002.
  • Lamborghini 350 GT.
  • Lamborghini Countach. Why It’s Important: Wedge Shape, Scissor Doors.
  • Lamborghini Miura P400. Why It’s Important: The First Supercar.

How many Lamborghini Reventon are left?

The Reventón is Lamborghini’s ultra-exclusive supercar. It is Lamborghini’s most powerful and most expensive car ever. It is built from carbon fiber, and there are only 20 in the world.

How many Reventons are left?

The Reventon debuted back in 2008 and had a limited production run of 21 units. One of the 21 cars currently sits in a museum, so only 20 are truly available.

Why is the Lamborghini Veneno so rare?

The chassis is fully carbon fiber and adds underbody panels for protection. All of the premium components of this vehicle combined with the prestige of a super-rare Lamborghini make its value skyrocket consistently.

How much does a Lamborghini Revention cost?

One of the 21 cars currently sits in a museum, so only 20 are truly available. Reventon means “small explosion” or “burst” in Spanish and the car features styling cues from a fighter plane. It cost around $1.5 million when it was new and, looking back, that may have been a bit much. Sep 10 2019

How much horsepower does a Lamborghini Reventon have?

The car had 650 horsepower and could hit 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. Although it was based on the Murcielago, the Reventon did have some unique features. The instrument panel, for example, is made up of three LCD displays that are housed in an aluminum block and protected by a carbon fiber casing.

What is the price of Lamborghini?

Specifications. 2019 Lamborghini Urus. VEHICLE TYPE front-engine, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door hatchback. PRICE AS TESTED $243,377 (base price : $203,995)

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