How many pounds of BBQ feed 50 people?

How many pounds of BBQ feed 50 people?

If you’re putting out fruit or veggie platters at your barbecue, go with 5 pounds for 50 people. As for tossed salad, serve roughly one large handful per person, and don’t forget to offer a few types of dressing.

How many does a pound of BBQ serve?

One pound of meat. 16 ounces. Yields four 4 oz. sandwiches or three 5+ oz.

How many pounds of BBQ Do I need to feed 35 people?

According to VooDoo BBQ & Grill, 9 pounds of meat will feed a group of 20-22 people, and 12 pounds will feed a group of 30-35. If you’re ordering ribs, you’ll want to aim for 3 ribs per person.

How much hamburger do I need to BBQ for 50 people?

6 – 7 pounds of hamburger is am ample amount for 50 – 60 Sloppy Joes, depending on the bun size.

How many pounds of BBQ Do I need to feed 25 people?

A good rule of thumb is to count on about ⅓ pound of cooked meat for each person for a main. This amount may vary between ½ pound if your guests are big eaters or you don’t have many sides, to ¼ pound if your sides are generous.

How much food do I need for a 20 person BBQ?

How many pounds of sausage do I need for 50 people?

How to use this food quantity chart:

Food Type Approximate Amount for 50 Servings Serving Size Per Person
Sausage, links i.e.. Pork, Polish, Knockwurst or other variety sausages 10-12 lbs. 1-2 links=2 to 3 ounces, cooked
Hamburgers, ground beef or mixture of ground meats 13-15 pounds (app. 25% fat) 4-8 ounces, cooked

How many burgers do I need for a party of 30?

Assuming 30 quarter-pound burgers, you would need 7.5 pounds of ground beef. It is smart to aim for 35 burgers, in case a few people love them, or in case you drop a couple. Therefore, purchase 8.25 pounds of ground beef to be on the safe side.

How much BBQ do I need for 60 people?

How much food do you need for 40 guests?

There is no magic formula or standard for exactly how much food you’ll need for a party. Some people will eat more or less than expected, a few guests might not show up, or someone might even bring an extra person or two….Food for Dinner Parties.

Food Side dishes
10-20 10 cups
20-30 15 cups
30-40 20 cups
40-50 25 cups

How do you calculate BBQ per person?

Generally, chefs recommend serving ½ pound (8 ounces) of meat per person. To feed a party of 10 you would want at least 5 pounds of cooked meat. If you are making more than one meat entree then figure that most people will take an equal portion of each.

How do you calculate BBQ Catering?

How many pounds of pulled pork to feed 40 people?

For a party of 30 to 40 people, this works out to be nine to 12 pounds of pulled pork for lunch, and 13 to 17 pounds for dinner. Click to read in-depth answer.

How much meat to serve at a barbecue party?

For protein-centric parties: plan on serving each adult 6 to 8 ounces of meat or seafood total for their main course. Smaller grill staples like hot dogs, ribs, chicken legs and thighs each run 1 1/2 to 4 ounces each, allowing for more variety on your guests’ plates. If you’re going with hamburgers, each store-bought patty is about 6 ounces.

When do you need a Backyard BBQ calculator?

Backyard BBQs are a fun and easy way to feed a large number of people, and are especially popular for family cook-outs. If you’re thinking of having a backyard barbeque for a birthday, graduation, Fourth of July, or family reunion and need to know how much to buy and prepare, you’ll can get an estimate of what you’ll need using this calculator.

How much food does an average person eat?

Each adult will consume 1 pound of food total; children, about 1/2 pound. The more options you have, the less you need of each; decrease the main course portion sizes by 1 to 2 ounces if served on a buffet.

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