How many orphanages are in Nigeria?

How many orphanages are in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development estimates that there are 17.5 million orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) nationwide….

Characteristics Number of Children % of Children Who Are OVC
Sokoto 2,961 4.9

Where can I adopt a child in Lagos?

Q: What is the process of adoption in Lagos State? A: Any prospective adopter must apply to the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Adoption Unit in Block 18 at the Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja.

How can I adopt a child from Abuja?

The application for adoption originates from the social welfare office of the state where the child is located. The Government office responsible for adoptions in Abuja is the magistrate court of the state where the child is located.

How do I adopt a child from Rivers State?


  1. The marriage certificate or a sworn declaration of marriage.
  2. A medical certificate of fitness of the applicant signed by a duly registered medical practitioner.
  3. The birth certificate of the child to be adopted.

How much does it take to adopt a child in Nigeria?

COSTS. The program fee for a Nigeria adoption is $16,000. Additional estimated expenses of $25,690 – $37,975 will bring the total cost to approximately $41,960 – $53,945. In addition, your out-of-pocket expenses may further be reduced if you receive scholarships or other employer-provided adoption benefits.

How do I adopt an orphanage in Nigeria?

The process for adopting a child from Nigeria generally includes the following steps:

  1. Choose an adoption service provider.
  2. Apply to be found eligible to adopt.
  3. Be matched with a child.
  4. Adopt (or gain custody of) the child in Nigeria.
  5. Apply for the child to be found eligible for orphan status.
  6. Bring your child home.

How do I adopt a newborn baby in Nigeria?

Can I visit an orphanage?

It is best not to visit an orphanage while visiting a country on vacation as a tourist. Plan to make a trip specifically to visit an orphanage. Even in orphanages where the caretakers do their best to provide for the children in their care, the facilities may be small, understaffed, and underfunded.

How do I adopt a baby from an orphanage in Nigeria?

Are there any orphanages or homes in Nigeria?

Children Of Mary Orphanage & Motherless Home is an Orphanage in Nigeria. Nassarawa Children’s Home, Kano is an Orphanage in Nigeria. St Josephs Orphanage Home Cross River is an Orphanage in Nigeria.

Is there an orphanage called Little Saints in Nigeria?

Contact us. We would like to hear from you. Little Saints Orphanage is a divine haven for Orphans, Abused and Abandoned children, It was the first non-governmental indigenous orphanage approved by the Lagos state government in Nigeria.

Which is the best orphanage in Surulere Lagos?

Gideon Orphanage Home undertakes social orphanage services for orphans, abused and abandoned children on the streets through rehabilitation, reformation and reintegration. Hearts of Gold Childrens Hospice is an orphanage home in Surulere Lagos, with the believe that every child deserve respect, unconditional love and care, whether able or disabled.

Where is the Little Angels Orphanage in Lagos?

Little Angels Orphanage is child fostering organization in Lagos that works to transform the lives of orphans through adequate care and education. Living Fountain Orphanage gives shelter and care for abandoned and homeless children located in Victoria Island Lagos.

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