How many episodes of Chandramukhi are there?

How many episodes of Chandramukhi are there?

Chandramukhi/Number of episodes

When start Chandramukhi serial?

30 October 2007
Chandramukhi is an Indian fantasy television series that premiered on 30 October 2007 on DD National. It stars Piku Sharma in the titular role. It also stars Mamik Singh, Sachin Khurana, Natasha Sinha, Vinod Kapoor, Kruttika Desai, Vindu Dara Singh, Shiva Rindani and Anwar Fatehan.

Is chandramukhi a remake?

Chandramukhi ( transl. Moon-faced beauty) is a 2005 Indian Tamil-language comedy horror film written and directed by P. It is a remake of Vasu’s Kannada film Apthamitra (2004), which itself the main plot was inspired from the Malayalam film Manichitrathazhu (1993).

Who is the wife of Nirupam?

Manjula Paritala Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Marital Status Married
Affairs/Boyfriends Nirupam Paritala (Actor)
Husband/Spouse Nirupam Paritala

Who killed Chandramukhi?

He comes to know that a Rajah who used to live in the same place around 150 years back. He forcibly got a danseuse called Chandramukhi from Tamilnadu and made her dance in his court. When she involved herself in an affair with another dancer, Rajah killed Chandramukhi and her lover together.

Is Nagavalli a true story?

“I am a very strong person, so neither Nagavalli nor any other spirit can haunt me.” For the uninitiated, Nagavalli, who suffers from split-personality, is a fictional character in Manichitrathazhu, originally made in Malayalam. while filming the horse sequences.

Who is Vantalakka?

Karthika Deepam fame Premi Viswanath aka Vantalakka gives her make-up artist a new gift; says, “Thank you so much for our successful journey” Premi Viswanath enjoys a significant fan base on social media. She often keeps fans updated with the latest updates of her show and life.

What is the age of Manjula?

31 years (1954–1986)
Manjula/Age at death

Is chandramukhi real story?

Chandramukhi is one of the those paintings that contains a rich history. It tells the story of a woman sought after by men and envied by women. However, unlike their preconceptions about Chandramukhi, Chandramukhi’s true story is far from the truth.

Is Nagavalli real story?

Who killed Nagavalli?

the Karanavar
Who is Nagavalli? The prolific dancer who was killed by the Karanavar (head of the family) for falling in love with a male dancer and not him. Nagavalli, according to the film, has two objectives behind possessing Ganga: to get back her beloved and to take revenge on her murderer.

What is the salary of Telugu serial actress?

Telugu Serial Actress Remuneration Per Day 2021

Rank Actress Remuneration (Per Day)
2 Sujitha 25,000
3 Kasthuri 25,000
4 Raasi 25,000
5 Suhasini 25,000

Who is the director of Chandramukhi TV serial?

This fantasy-cum-adventure thriller Chandramukhi was produced by Applause entertainment ltd,and directed by Sunil Agnihotri (Who Earlier directed Chandrakanta, Yug, Betal Pacchisi). If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. This video is unavailable. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information.

Which is the first TV serial of Doordarshan?

Inspired by folk fable Gul-E-Bakawali, Chandramukhi TV Serial was originally aired on Sahara Manoranjan TV Channel (Now Known as Sahara One) in Year 2004, and later aired on Doordarshan’s DD National Channel in Year 2007.

Who is the mother of Vanraj in Chandramukhi?

It is the story of Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh (Played By Deepak Parashar), who has a cursed son. It has been forecast that his child would bring his doom and if he sees the kid, he would turn blind. So the child, who grows up to be Vanraj (Played By Sachin Khurana) and the mother (Played By Natasha Sinha) are packed away.

Who is the actress of Durgeshwari in DD1?

Following its popularity in the Tuesday 22:00 hrs slot, DD1 has commenced a repeat telecast of the serial on Sunday mornings from 09:30 hrs. Veteran actress Krutika Desai played role of Durgeshwari, a dacoit. She’s had a real troubled past and that forces her to take up dacoity at an early age.

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