How long did Goku stay with King Kai?

How long did Goku stay with King Kai?

After 70 days of hard training with King Kai, Goku has gotten much stronger and faster. But, the Saiyans are going to arrive the next day, so Goku speaks to Master Roshi telepathically through King Kai. He asks him to use the Dragon Balls to wish him back.

How long was Goku on King Kai’s planet?

Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu receive training from King Kai, with Piccolo opting out doing most of the training by himself (believing it to be silly and pointless catching Bubbles in mere seconds, compared to Goku’s forty days, since the greater gravity is similar to his technique of wearing weighted clothing, which he …

How long did Goku train with Kami?

three years
After explaining his origins, Kami, as a reward to Goku for defeating Piccolo, revives Shenron so that all the innocents killed by Piccolo and his sons can be removed from limbo and brought back to life. He then informs Goku he must train under him for three years in order to defeat Piccolo Jr.

How much was Goku lifting on King Kai’s planet?

Of course, that’s what he would be lifting if he were on Earth, but Goku was training on King Kai’s planet, which means he was infact lifting 10 times that much! Brining the total to.. 36,820 tons in his base form before the God ritual.

How long did it take Goku to cross Snake Way?

177 days
Overview. Snake Way Because of its length, it took Goku 177 days to reach the end (due to King Kai saying that the Saiyans would arrive in 158 days, and it took them eleven months total).

Is Zamasu a Kai?

Zamasu (ザマス, Zamasu) is the Supreme Kai apprentice serving the Supreme Kai of Universe 10, Gowasu. He is also the former North Kai of Universe 10.

What if King Kai raised Goku?

If Goku was raised by King Kai, then he would have been stronger faster, and far funnier than he is now. He might not be stupid due to not being dropped on his head. Would likely never need Super Saiyan as he would figure out how to use Kaioken easier. goku would die the second majin buu comes up.

What episode does Goku reach King Kai’s place?

The End of Snake Way
The End of Snake Way. Goku reaches King Kai’s planet.

Is Piccolo still fused with Kami?

Piccolo became a Super Namekian after his fusion with Nail and pushed his Super Namekian status even further after he was reunified with Kami. Lord Slug, a Super Namekian in his Great Namekian form By the end of the original manga, Piccolo is by far the most powerful Namekian.

Why did Beerus shrink King Kai’s planet?

Goku vs. Beerus the Destroyer!”, Beerus destroyed the planet because he didn’t like the food. King Kai’s planet as seen in Dragon Ball Kai After Goku sacrifices himself for Piccolo to kill Raditz, he is taken to the Check-In Station by Kami. This kills King Kai, Bubbles, Gregory, and even Goku.

Is Goku faster than the speed of light?

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot estimates that Goku’s power levels are around 10 billion as of the Babidi Saga. By applying the same formula, this means that Goku, without Instant Transmission, can travel 22.321 trillion MPH — or 33,314 times the speed of light!

When does Goku go to King Kai’s planet?

Goku later visits the planet during the ten day wait for the Cell Games to ask for directions to New Namek, and was also summoned by King Kai to deal with a Super Saiyan that destroyed the South Area . The next time the planet is actually visited in the main story is when Goku teleports Cell to it as he is about to self-destruct.

How many days did it take Goku to travel Snake Way?

If Snake Way is a million kilometers, to travel that distance in 177 days would mean Goku was traveling at an average speed of about 235 kilometers per hour, or 145 miles per hour, on his way to King Kai’s planet (though this does not account for the time Goku spent in Hell or Princess Snake’s palace).

How long did it take Goku to get back to Earth?

In the manga, there is no official time it took Goku to get back to Earth after being wished back during the battle with the Saiyans, but King Kai estimated it would take two days.

How did Goku catch bubbles in King Kai?

As part of Goku’s training, King Kai tells him to chase Bubbles, who happens to be very fast and has adjusted to the planet’s gravity which is similar to the gravity on Planet Vegeta, about 10 times the gravity of Earth. After three weeks, Goku eventually caught Bubbles, which pleased King Kai.

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