How does Hamlet compare himself to the actor?

How does Hamlet compare himself to the actor?

Hamlet judges himself harshly for not being able to muster the player’s emotion. He basically beats himself up for not having the same amount of passion about his real life situation as the actor has for a pretend situation. Hamlet is desperately mad at himself for not having taken any action yet to avenge his father.

What does Hamlet say to the actors?

Q: What advice does Hamlet give to the players before the play? Hamlet tells the players, “Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue”.

What does Hamlet tell the actors about acting and drama?

Hamlet meets with the actors and instructs them as to the nature of proper acting. He tells them not to overact, and not to use large gestures. He wishes them to be honest; he asks them to mirror nature, to be entirely realistic in their portrayals.

Why is Hamlet so concerned that these actors get the play right?

Hamlet requested the actors to perform the play The Murder of Gonzago because it would be the perfect opportunity for Hamlet to gauge Claudius’s reaction to a ficticious murder tailored to echo the murder of King Hamlet.

What does Hamlet envy about the actor who performs a speech in Act II?

The Player’s speech about Hecuba makes Hamlet feel inadequate, shameful, and timid. Hamlet compares the passionate actor’s performance to his own reaction regarding his father’s death and is ashamed that he cannot evoke similar emotions or accurately depict his conflicted feelings.

Why is Hamlet so upset that the actor gets so emotional in his speech?

He asks the First player to act a speech about the Trojan queen Hecuba’s grief at the death of her husband, Priam. Alone, Hamlet is furious that the Player could get so emotional over long-dead Hecuba, while he can’t even bring himself to revenge his murdered father.

What are some examples of advice that Hamlet gives the actors?

Be not too tame neither, but let your own discretion be your tutor, suit the action to the word, the word to the action, with this special observance, that you o’er-step not the modesty of nature: For any thing so o’er-done, is from the purpose of playing, whose end both at the first, and now, was and is, to hold as ‘ …

What is the idea Hamlet gets from the actor’s performance?

The thrust of Hamlet’s lecture is that acting should be as close as possible to reality, in order to reflect reality back at the audience. Hamlet compares himself to the Player: while the Player weeps for a person he never knew, Hamlet has so far done nothing to avenge his own murdered father.

How does Hamlet feel about acting?

Hamlet believes very strongly in the power of theatre to touch people’s innermost feelings. Before the Players go on stage, Hamlet gives them a lecture about acting. This line shows us that Hamlet is a true theatre-lover, but it also reveals his awareness of the slippery distinction between reality and performance.

What does Hamlet say about bad actors?

Hamlet, in director mode, tells the actors how he wants them to perform the play. He’d like it to come off naturally, which means they shouldn’t be too loud, or gesticulate (make gestures) too much, as bad actors often do. Instead, they should use their discretion to build up suspense with their actions.

What is the idea Hamlet gets from the actors performance?

Why is Hamlet affected by the speech he encourages one of the actors to perform?

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