How do you destroy a static variable?

How do you destroy a static variable?

By definition, a static variable is defined once per class and ( if declared final) has an immutable value and cannot be “destroyed”.

How do you access application state variables?

Technically the data is shared amongst users by a HTTPApplcationState class and the data can be stored here in a key/value pair. It can also be accessed using the application property of the HTTPContext class.

What is difference between session and application state?

A session is usually for a user and only lasts from when they login to when they logout (or get timed out). Application State has a much longer lifetime, is shared between all users, and is only cleared when the process is restarted.

What is ASP.NET life cycle?

When an ASP.NET page runs, the page goes through a life cycle in which it performs a series of processing steps. These include initialization, instantiating controls, restoring and maintaining state, running event handler code, and rendering.

Which variables is destroyed only when program is terminated?

The static objects are only destroyed when the program terminates i.e. they live until program termination.

Which variables are destroyed when you close the page?

if you use: session_set_cookie_params(0); session_start(); Your session cookie will destroy when the browser is closed… so your session will be good until they close the browser.

How do you manage states in ASP.NET application?

Application state is stored in a key/value dictionary that is created during each request to a specific URL. You can add your application-specific information to this structure to store it between page requests. Once you add your application-specific information to application state, the server manages it.

Why is global ASAX is used?

Global. asax is an optional file which is used to handling higher level application events such as Application_Start, Application_End, Session_Start, Session_End etc. It is also popularly known as ASP.NET Application File. asax file itself is configured so that if a user requests the file, the request is rejected.

Which is better session or ViewState?

1 Answer. For large amounts of data, Session is way more efficient. If you can detect when the user is done with a particular block of data, set the Session variable to null, to help memory overhead.

How does ASP.NET application work?

ASP.NET code is compiled into Dynamic-link library files, also known as DLL files. The code you write in your code behind, which is the files with . cs extension, is compiled and put into whole new file, with . dll extension – and that file is copied to the server, to the BIN folder of your site.

How does .NET application start?

1) Application Start – The life cycle of an ASP.NET application starts when a request is made by a user. During this time, there is a method called Application_start which is executed by the web server. Usually, in this method, all global variables are set to their default values.

Do static retain value if an application is removed from recent?

If the process is killed then all static variables will be reinitialized to their default values. This is mainly because, when you restart the application, a new instance is created and the static variable will be reinitialized.

How are variables created and destroyed in ASP?

The Lifetime of Variables. A variable declared outside a procedure can be accessed and changed by any script in the ASP file. A variable declared inside a procedure is created and destroyed every time the procedure is executed. No scripts outside the procedure can access or change the variable.

How are variables declared in an ASP file?

To declare variables accessible to more than one ASP file, declare them as session variables or application variables. Session variables are used to store information about ONE single user, and are available to all pages in one application. Typically information stored in session variables are name, id, and preferences.

Where is the application level variable in ASP.NET?

Application Level variable : V alue will persist till the down of web server. Global.asax file : Global.asax file is ASP.NET application file. Global.asax is extension of Global Application Class. Global.asax file resides in the IIS virtual root of an ASP.NET application. It is used to declare application level variable.

How is session level variable used in ASP.NET?

Now run application (Press F5). Then click the button. Again run application then click button. So when we run the application again and again the number of views will be increment according to running mode of web application. So session level variable or application level variable are used for the persist value till the close of browser or server.

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