How do you beat Malladus in Zelda Spirit Tracks?

How do you beat Malladus in Zelda Spirit Tracks?

Once Zelda grabs Malladus, the two will float in the air in front of the train. Phantom Zelda will struggle and spin around while holding Malladus. Charge up a Light Arrow and shoot it at Malladus to defeat this form of Malladus.

How do you use Whirlwind Spirit Tracks?

In order to use the whirlwind, the stylus must be pressed down in the proper direction, which creates a small yellow beam of light in the direction Link is facing. Once he locks on to the target, you must blow into the Nintendo DS microphone and this will sent out a gust towards whatever Link is aiming at.

How do you get dark ore to Linebeck?

To transport the Dark Ore quickly to Linebeck III, Link must travel through the cave on the east side of the Fire Realm, where a large Rocktite and its small children lay in wait.

What is Malladus?

Malladus is the primary antagonist of Spirit Tracks. He is a powerful demon that once terrorized the land that would eventually be home to the new kingdom of Hyrule. He was locked away beneath the altar of the Tower of Spirits by the Spirits of Good of the land after a prolonged war between them.

How do you beat the final boss in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

Shoot an Arrow out at each of Bellum’s tentacles. They each have an eye and once they are hit, they will turn purple. Be careful of the tentacles, as Bellum tries to use them as a whip to hit Link. Hit all five of them and Bellum will no longer be able to support himself and he will crash down back to the first floor.

How do you get the stamp book in Spirit Tracks?

The Stamp Book is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Given to Link by Niko in their house in Aboda Village, after visiting Alfonzo in Hyrule Castle and returning him to Aboda Village, this album’s purpose is the collection of decorative stamps.

How many temples does Spirit Tracks have?

5 Temples
Spirit Tracks features 13 Heart Containers scattered across New Hyrule, giving Link a maximum of 16 hearts. Of the 13 Heart Containers Link can find, 5 of them are found as rewards for defeating the various bosses at the 5 Temples scattered around the world.

Where do you get dark ore in Spirit Tracks?

the Fire Realm
The Dark Ore Mine is a location in Spirit Tracks. It is located within the Fire Realm. It is an area from which Gorons excavate the valuable Dark Ore, which is susceptible to sunlight and melts quickly. Link can purchase Dark Ore from the Dark Ore Salesman and can transport the material as part of a side quest.

Who is the villain in Spirit Tracks?

Malladus (in Japanase: マラドー, Maradō) is the Demon King of the land that would one day become New Hyrule, and the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

Is Meliodas the new Demon King?

There are a lot of fans who want to see him becoming the Demon King, but we have to realize that Meliodas is the main protagonist on the show. Meanwhile, in the original manga series, he indeed becomes the new Demon King for a while and he freed him and Elizabeth from all the curses.

Who is the bad guy in Phantom Hourglass?

Bellum is the main antagonist and final boss of Phantom Hourglass. He can be fought once you reach the thirteenth floor of the Temple of the Ocean King.

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