How do I register my Oral-B product?

How do I register my Oral-B product?

How can I register or re-register for an Oral-B account in the Oral-B app?

  1. Download the new Oral-B app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.
  2. Open up the app and follow instructions on your screen to complete registration.

How do I find my Oral-B Product Code?

It is a 4-digit number which can be found on the underside of your toothbrush and is highlighted by the red arrows below. The Type Number should also be listed on the user manual for your toothbrush.

How do I register my Oral-B toothbrush in Canada?

It is recommended that for your benefit you register your brush online by heading to for Canadian residents.

Does Oral-B have a subscription?

Oral-B offers no subscriptions.

Does Oral-B have a warranty?

Your Oral-B warranty starts on the day of purchase and runs for 2 years. If your Oral-B product is defective during the warranty period, we will replace it free of charge*. The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage such as scratches, or damage caused by: Normal wear and tear.

How do I return my Oral-B toothbrush?

Contact us at 800-566-7252 to speak to a Customer Service Representative to initiate your return….Return/Refund Policy

  1. A refund will only be issued when a replacement is not available for damaged or defective.
  2. Your refund will be in the form of payment used for the purchase.

Is Braun and Oral B the same?

Braun and Oral-B are both P&G brands, and they’re designed and engineered in our Global Center of Excellence in Kronberg, Germany.

How do you know when Oral B electric toothbrush is charged?

How do I know if my Oral B is charging? All Oral B / Braun rechargeable toothbrushes except Vitality have a charging indicator. If the indicator keeps flashing green, the toothbrush is charging. If it glows steady green, the battery is full, and you can take the brush off the charger.

Is Braun a oral BA company?

Oral-B became part of the Gillette group in 1984. Braun, also part of the Gillette group at that time, started to use the Oral-B brand for electric toothbrushes. Oral-B has been part of the Procter & Gamble company since 2006.

Does Oral-B toothbrush have a warranty?

What is a toothbrush subscription?

With some toothbrush subscriptions, you’ll receive your new toothbrush and then be able to subscribe for subsequent toothbrush or bristle head replacements. Many toothbrush subscription companies also offer accessories including toothpaste, floss, and even whitening strips that you can add-on to your monthly purchase.

Does Oral-B have a website?

This website offers consumers a convenient way to find, learn about, and purchase products from ( “we”,” us”, or “our”).

How do I connect my new Oral B electric toothbrush to the app?

Open up your Oral-B app and navigate to the “MORE’ screen Select the “YOUR BRUSH” option from the menu Tap “CONNECT NEW BRUSH” at the bottom of the screen Select “YES” when prompted to connect your toothbrush

How do I update the Oral B App?

If you’re having an issue connecting your Oral-B electric toothbrush to the app, you may have to update to the latest version of the Oral-B app. You can manually update to version 8.x by going to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Follow the steps below to manually reconnect or add your new Oral-B electric toothbrush to the latest Oral-B app:

What to do if Your Toothbrush is not connecting?

If you’re still experiencing connectivity issues please contact Customer Support at 1-800-56-ORALB (1-800-566-7252) for further assistance. Was this helpful?

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