How do I contact 2FM?

How do I contact 2FM?

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  1. Text Us. 51552.
  2. Call Us. 1850 715 922.
  3. Email Us. [email protected].

What is the 2FM text number?

RTÉ 2FM on Twitter: “Text 80889 or Whatsapp us – 0871879200 😉 #NBSHOW2FM… “

How do I get the RTE Player?

RTÉ Player is supported on any modern browser on your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux). We are also available as an app on Apple devices (running a minimum of iOS 9.0) and on Android devices (running a minimum of Android 5.0). Search your app store for ‘RTÉ Player’. Casting is supported for Chromecast.

Is there a 2fm app?

RTÉ 2fm 4+ This is the RTÉ 2fm app. Have 2fm in your pocket. You can see who’s on air now, see what music we’re playing, buy the music from iTunes, listen to our podcasts, send us your requests and lots lots more. Most importantly you can listen to 2fm on the move no matter where you are.

What channel is RTE 2fm?

RTÉ 2fm

Broadcast area Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Worldwide (mainly the United Kingdom on satellite)
Frequency FM: 90 MHz – 92 MHz 97 MHz (Northeast) Saorview: 202 Virgin Media: 902 Sky: 0164
Format Contemporary hit radio

How do I contact RTE Radio 1?

Contact Us

  1. Address: RTÉ Radio 1. Donnybrook, Dublin 4.
  2. Email: [email protected].
  3. Telephone: 353 (0) 1 208 3111.
  4. Managing Director of RTÉ Radio. Clare Duignan.
  5. Head of RTÉ Radio 1. Jim Jennings.
  6. For Press Queries regarding all RTÉ Radio Services: Joseph Hoban, Communications Manager. RTÉ Radio 1 Press Pack Website.

What time is panic on 2FM?

Mon – Fri • 12:00 – 15:00.

Is RTÉ Player free?

RTÉ Player International, which is available on devices using Apple’s iOS operating system, will provide audiences with 500 hours of free and paid-for content, including just-aired shows. The app will be a ‘freemium’ service, meaning users can download the app for free and access 100 hours of free content.

Can I get RTE in UK?

Install the VPN on your router or configure Smart DNS on the Smart TV. Change your Samsung Smart TV region to Ireland and get the RTE Player app. Launch the service’s app. Enjoy live and on-demand content on RTE Player anywhere.

What number is RTE 2FM on radio?

What time is Jennifer zamparelli?

Mon – Fri • 09:00 – 12:00. Nailing the day with her distinctive dose of humour and edge, Jenn Zed tells it like it is and hears it back for real from the listeners and guests every weekday morning. Listen live weekdays 9am-12 on RTÉ 2FM.

When is the fitting room on Rte 2?

Clothes are an important part of how we represent ourselves to the world, but if your body or identity isn’t being served by the fashion The Fitting Room is a 6-part series that will air every Monday at 9:30pm from 15th April on RTÉ2. Saving for rent or a mortgage?

How old do you have to be to be a Kidz Bop Kid?

We are looking for kids ages 9 to 12 to become a member of the KIDZ BOP Kids! If you think your child’s got what it takes, send us a short performance video. They must be able to REALLY sing, dance and act. If they can also play an instrument let us know!

What do you need to know about Kidz Bop auditions?

Your child will need to be able to travel, have a work permit and be in good standing (high grades) with their school. Please reference the KIDZ BOP commercials, music videos and live tour videos online to see the caliber of talent we are looking for and the style of music and dancing that should be featured in the audition video.

How long do you Dance with Kidz Bop?

Showcase 45-60 seconds of freestyle dancing with a song of their choice. Please use KIDZ BOP versions of any songs used. 7.) If your child plays an instrument, or has any other special talents, please showcase 30 seconds of each. 8.) State their name and your phone number again.

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