Does rear differential fluid need to be changed?

Does rear differential fluid need to be changed?

Every once in a while your rear end needs a little help. Whether you drive a rear-, front-, or all-wheel-drive vehicle, the wheels spin by way of a differential. Just like engine oil, the differential fluid must be changed at regular intervals. Not quite as often, but at regular intervals nonetheless.

What kind of fluid do you put in a rear differential?

There are two types of differential fluid. One is mineral oil, which is a natural, crude oil-based fluid. The other is synthetic differential fluid, which is created in a lab. As with all synthetic oils, synthetic differential fluid oils can be fine-tuned for optimal performance.

How often does differential fluid need to be changed?

every 30,000 miles to 60,000 miles
Generally speaking, differential fluid should be changed anywhere from every 30,000 miles to 60,000 miles. Your Chevrolet Owner’s manual should outline differential fluid changes in the recommended maintenance schedule.

What kind of gear oil does a Dodge Ram 1500 take?

Dodge recommends you use GL-5 SAE 75w90 gear oil on most Dodge Ram pickups unless your manual calls for 75w140.

Does changing differential fluid make a difference?

Just like an engine oil change, a differential fluid change is vital too to keep your car in good working condition. Differentials deal with moving parts that involve metal to metal contact that produces heat from friction. When this happens, its gear will grind leaving behind metal shavings and other waste.

What happens if you don’t change differential fluid?

Most differentials need a fluid change at about 50,000 miles. If left too long or if the fluid starts to run low, the differential will become noisy and can eventually fail. If that happens, the gears can seize, locking up the rear wheels and potentially causing a lot of damage or even an accident.

How much does it cost to get differential fluid change?

Differential Fluid Change Cost The fluid itself can cost between $30 and $80, and labor will run between $40 and $70. All together, you’re looking at somewhere in the range of $70 to $150 to change your differential fluid depending on your vehicle, where you take it, and how much differential fluid it needs.

What is the best rear end oil?

1. Editor’s Choice: Red Line 75W90 GL-5 Gear Oil. Red Line Synthetic Oil is one of the top companies making synthetic lubricants for all parts of your car. It’s a fully synthetic oil that works in thousands of passenger cars and trucks including General Motors, Ford, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

What diff fluid do I need?

Use the highest-quality gear oil you can afford to fill the differential. The weight and capacity will be listed in your owner’s manual; your differential will usually hold as much as 3 quarts. Be sure to read that manual, though, because some limited-slip differentials require a secondary friction-modifying additive.

How much does it cost to change differential fluid?

When changing the differential fluid, the overall differential fluid change cost averages between $80-$150 for the rear and $70 to $130 for the front change, coming in at a total price of between $150-$280 for the differential fluid change cost.

What kind of lubricant do I need for a Dodge Ram?

Figure 1. A 2005 Dodge Ram rear differential. Appropriate amount of the proper differential lubricant (for the 3.92 differential shown, 72 oz. [2.2 L] of SAE 75W-140 synthetic gear and axle lubricant, plus 4 oz. of limited slip additive)

Do you need LS additive for Dodge Ram?

If you use top tier oil like redline you don’t worry about LS additive, you don’t need it. You don’t want 75W140NS GL-5 GEAR OIL, you want 75W140 GL-5 GEAR OIL note it says Dodge Ram.

How do you change the differential fluid on a Dodge Ram?

Although some other pickup truck brands conveniently have both a drain plug and filler plug on their rear differential housing, Ram trucks of this vintage do not. They only have a single filler hole sealed with a rubber plug. For this reason, some truck owners change their differential fluid by pumping it out with a hand pump.

How much lube does a rear differential hold?

Back in 1996, maximum towing capacity was 10,500 lbs. using a rear differential that held 3.75 quarts of gear lube. The 2021 model offers up to 15,200-lb. towing capacity using a rear differential that holds between 3.3 and 3.5 quarts of fluid. What does that mean for your truck?

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