Why was cap driving a truck in schooled?

Why was cap driving a truck in schooled?

Cap Anderson has been arrested by the police for driving without a license. He lives and is schooled by her on a commune called Garland and neither understands the concept of a license nor knows the emergency number 9-1-1. Eventually, the police let him go to see his grandmother Rain in hospital.

Why did Zach think he had hit rock bottom?

What makes Zach think he has hit rock bottom? he doesn’t want Cap to be popular. What does Zach tell Hugh they must do? Show the school that Cap isn’t immortal like they think.

How does CAP end up driving the bus?

How does Cap end up driving the school bus? Mr. Rodrigo had a heart attack in school so they were taking him on the bus. What is Hugh thinking as Cap is being arrested?

What job did rain have before she founded Garland in 1967?

Rain was a taxi driver in San Francisco before she founded Garland Farm.

Why did Mrs Donnelly say Sophie was being so mean to cap?

Why did Ms. Donnelly say Sophie was being so mean to Cap? It made her feel better about her dad. Why did Cap want to do something nice for Sophie?

Why did cap object live with Mrs Donnelly?

Why does Mrs. Donnelly have Cap move in with her? Because she lived at Garland Farms when she was a child and she thought Rain would want him to be with someone who understands. What is the name of the middle school that Cap will go to while living with the Donnellys’?

What does CAP offer to do for Sophie that begins to change her attitude towards him?

Cap offers to take Sophie out driving. Rain taught him how to drive at Garland, and he thinks this is a nice thing he can do for her. The lesson goes well, and Sophie starts treating Cap a little better.

Where does Mr Kasigi take cap?

Cap is picked up in an ambulance containing Rain, who has recovered and takes him out of school and back to Garland Farm. Kasigi and Flora discover Cap’s misspending of the school’s money, and the former cancels the Halloween Dance.

What happens to cap at the pep rally?

When Zach gets Cap nominated without his knowledge, Hugh decides to let it happen, knowing he would have been nominated instead, and Cap becomes the eighth grade president at C Average.

Who is Lorelei Lumley?

Who was Lorelei Lumley? The fictional seventh-grader who left perfumed love notes in Cap’s locker.

Who showed cap to his locker?


Question Answer
What did Cap do with the dead bird that was put in his locker by Zach and Naomi? Wrapped it in a paper towel and buried it in the flower bed outside the school.
What activity did Cap teach the other students? Tye-dyeing t-shirts
What boy does Sophie like? Josh Weintraub

What happened to caps parents in schooled?

Rain is Cap’s grandmother and raised him after his parents were killed. She home-schools Cap and uses the opportunity to impart her alternative values. She makes sure Cap is well taken care of and that his academic education is up to the legally required standards.

Where was the crown jewels hidden during the war?

The documentary The Coronation, released in 2019, which features an interview with Queen Elizabeth about her coronation, reveals that the jewels were removed from their setting by a librarian and hidden in a Bath Oliver biscuit tin, before being placed in a chamber dug beneath Windsor Castle.

Who are the main characters in the jewel in the Crown?

The Jewel in the Crown Summary & Study Guide Description. The central story is that of a young British woman named Daphne Manners who is living in Mayapore, a fictional Indian town. Daphne falls in love with an Indian man named Hari Kumar, who was raised in England but has returned to India after the death of his father.

Why did Mathilde put the necklace on her throat?

One of the few moments in the story in which Mathilde is truly happy is when she is standing in front of a mirror to admire herself wearing the necklace: “She placed it on her throat, against her high-necked dress, and remained ecstatic in front of her reflection.”

Which is the most important of the Crown Jewels?

One of the most important is the Black Prince’s Ruby, which has been mounted on the Imperial State Crown since the days of Queen Victoria’s rule. Despite the crown being remade in 1937, the ruby remains in place.

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