Why do the other factory workers make fun of Charlie?

Why do the other factory workers make fun of Charlie?

Charlie is treated very poorly by his co-workers. They bullied him and made fun of him. After his operation they thought he was too smart and arrogant and so they didn’t like him and signed a petition to get him fired. They defended him when Amos (the new guy) tries to make fun of him.

How did people treat Charlie?

For the most part, other people have treated Charlie not only as an intellectual inferior but also as less of a human being than they are. While some, like his coworkers at the bakery, have treated him with outright cruelty, others have tried to be kind but ultimately have been condescending in their charity.

Why did Joe and Frank make fun of Charlie?

These two are basically the same people, which is to say that they’re basically bad news. They pretend to be Charlie’s friends while they secretly make fun of him behind his back, and they love getting him drunk for entertainment purposes.

What is Charlie’s relationship with his co-workers?

Charlie has a good relationship with his coworkers, they make him happy. Charlie’s view of their relationship is an example of irony because Charlie may think that they are his friends, but they make fun of him.

How has Charlie’s view of his co workers changed?

How has Charlie’s view of his co-workers changed? He is more forgiving of them because he now knows that they are not as smart as he once was. He wants to go somewhere where no one know his past and feels sorry for him.

Why did the factory workers want Charlie to quit his job?

Why does Charlie lose his job at the factory? He lost his job because the only reason people wanted him there is because he is dumb, and now he is smart.

Why do you think Charlie put flowers on Algernon’s grave?

In this very sad story, the mentally handicapped Charlie Gordon undergoes an operation that makes him highly intelligent. He grieves when Algernon dies, and when he begins to lose his own intelligence, Charlie asks that flowers be put on Algernon’s grave. The flowers represent mourning and memory.

Is Charlie happier after surgery?

After the operation, Charlie becomes highly intelligent and that makes him less happy. He realizes that people, such as Dr. Strauss, don’t have his best interests at heart but are using him as a lab animal. He begins to identify with the lab mouse Algernon.

Why can’t Charlie be intimate with Alice?

He had real feelings for Alice. He was actually in love with her, and that scared Charlie. That is the reason why he wanted to imagine Alice’s body as Fay’s body… so he wouldn’t be so anxious and fearful. Being with Alice meant a great deal to Charlie and wasn’t as big of a decision to make as being with Fay.

What is the significance of Charlie seeing the footprints on the cover of the book Robinson Crusoe?

The Footprint Crusoe’s shocking discovery of a single footprint on the sand in Chapter XVIII is one of the most famous moments in the novel, and it symbolizes our hero’s conflicted feelings about human companionship.

How does Charlie feel about his co-workers?

After the surgery, Charlie becomes aware of the true meaning of the teasing that has been done at his expense. As he advances at work, his co-workers are confused because they still do not know of the surgery. His friends who previously felt superior to Charlie, now resent his advancement and new-found intelligence.

What can you infer about Charlie’s relationship with his co-workers before the experiment?

What can you infer about Charlie’s relationship with his co-workers before the experiment? He thinks they are good friends and fails to realize that they sometimes tease him. She tries to be detached because she knows the experiment is unlikely to succeed.

Who is Charlie Gordon in flowers for Algernon?

In Flowers for Algernon , a novel by Daniel Keyes , Charlie Gordon is a mentally challenged man who undergoes a scientific experiment to make him more intelligent. Prior to the operation, he works at a factory. The men in the factory treat him like a joke and use him… Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more.

Who is the author of flowers for Algernon?

The Flowers for Algernon quotes below are all either spoken by Charlie Gordon or refer to Charlie Gordon. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ).

How did Charlie feel before the factory operation?

Before the operation, Charlie assumed that the people at the factory who were making fun of him were his friends and that they were not laughing at him, but with him. Once he begins to progress, he realizes that they are not being friendly, but cruel. He feels ashamed that he has been an object of ridicule without realizing it.

Who are the two people in Charlie Gordon?

He comes to feel that his mind contains two people: the new, genius Charlie, who wants to reach emotional maturity, and the older, disabled Charlie, whose actions are largely informed by the fear and shame his mother, Rose, instilled in him. To reach his goal, the new Charlie must come to grips with the traumas the old Charlie experienced.


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