Who won Idol Season 8?

Who won Idol Season 8?

Kris Allen
American Idol – Season 8/Winners

What year was Season 7 of American Idol?

American Idol: Season 7 (2008)

What happened to Sam on American Idol 2020?

Since winning the competition, she has had many milestones in her life. In an interview with New York Post in May 2020, she came out as gay. She said that she did not want to put a label on her sexual orientation and that she labelled herself as God’s child, first.

What happened to Kris Allen?

After beating Adam Lambert to take the Idol crown, Allen released five studio albums, one of which included his hit “Live Like We’re Dying.” He’s taken part in a lot of charity work during his career, like helping Little Kids Rock. He also pivoted from a solo career and formed a band called The Dames in 2017.

Is Kris Allen still married?

Kris and Katy, who have been married for more than 10 years, are also the parents of daughter Rose, 3.

Who was against David Archuleta?

David Cook was announced the winner of the competition on May 21, 2008, defeating runner-up David Archuleta by a margin of roughly 12 million votes out of over 97 million, which was at that time the highest recorded vote total in the show’s history.

Who was runner-up to Jordin Sparks?

Jordin Sparks won the competition with Blake Lewis as the first runner-up and Melinda Doolittle finishing third.

Who will win 2021 Idol?

Chayce Beckham
Who won ‘American Idol’ 2021? On Sunday night, after a three-hour season finale, “American Idol” announced that Chayce Beckham is the newest champion of the singing competition.

What is Dillon James doing now?

The country folk singer has signed a management deal with The Core Entertainment. Here’s the official announcement from a press release: Following a successful run on American Idol, Dillon James was signed to Hollywood Records/Universal Nashville and moved to Music City to work on his debut album.

Is Chris Allen married?

Katy O’Connellm. 2008
Kris Allen/Spouse

Personal life. Allen married his high school sweetheart Katy O’Connell on September 26, 2008. The two began dating back in Allen’s junior year of high school. Their son was born in 2013.

What happened to Chris Allen?

Where is Adam Lambert now?

In 2021, Adam is still making music by himself and with Queen, as well as acting and participating in activism. He released his fourth studio album, Velvet, in 2020. He and Queen also released their first album together last fall, called Queen + Adam Lambert Live Around The World.

When is American Idol returning?

Of course, American Idol is returning in 2019. Here’s everything you need to know about when and how to watch. American Idol season 17 will premiere on March 3, 2019 at 8/7c.

When was the last American Idol episode?

The show had finished after 15 seasons on Fox, with the last episode airing on April 7, 2016. The program’s host, Seacrest , teased a possible revival during his last on-air Fox moment, and the series was later picked up by ABC just over one year later. American Idol made its triumphant return on March 11, 2018.

How many American Idol contestants are there?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. American Idol is an American talent reality television series that first aired in 2002. As of May 2019, there have been seventeen seasons. Each season, the final round of competition features ten to thirteen singers. A total of 178 contestants have reached the finals of their season.

What channel is American Idol on?

The TV program American Idol was broadcast on the FOX network

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