Who was the actor in the movie The Devil?

Who was the actor in the movie The Devil?

Actor | The Devil American character actor of silent films, Edward Connelly, a native New Yorker, was a newspaperman before he became an actor, being a reporter for the New York Sunl. At 25 he joined a theatrical stock company in Kansas City and appeared subsequently on Broadway in such plays as “Shore Acres,” “The… The Devil (1915)

Who are some famous people from Old Hollywood?

160 Legendary Old Hollywood Actors. 1. Humphrey Bogart. Actor | Casablanca. Humphrey DeForest Bogart was born in New York City, New York, to Maud Humphrey, a famed magazine illustrator 2. Cary Grant. 3. James Stewart. 4. Marlon Brando. 5. Fred Astaire.

Who are the female actors in the Exorcist?

250 list of female actors. 1 1. Linda Blair. Actress | The Exorcist. From the age of five, Linda Blair had to get used to the spotlight, first as a child model and then as an 2 2. Shannon Whirry. 3 3. Rosalind Allen. 4 4. Bobbie Phillips. 5 5. Tatyana Ali.

Who is the actress in the Movie Satan?

In this movie, Elizabeth Hurley plays the seductive Satan who tries to wheedle the soul from Elliot Richards (Brendan Fraser) who basically wants everything he can likely never have. Instead of simply signing on the dotted line, however, Elliot is granted wishes enough to get his desire exactly right.

Who was the actor who played Satan in Little Nicky?

Little Nicky was a hilarious “coming of age” spoof starring Adam Sandler and featuring a guy with a boob on his head. See, Satan (Harvey Keitel) has reigned in hell for thousands of years and he’s ready for retirement. He has three sons and it’s time to determine who he will trust with the keys to his kingdom.

Who was the actor who played Satan in Oh God you Devil?

In 1984’s Oh, God! You Devil, he played double duty as Satan as well. In this flick, which also starred Ted Was as musician Bobby Shelton who is willing to sell his soul to make it as a rock and roll star, Burns is alternately wise and totally hilarious.

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