Who set fire to a flat in Coronation Street?

Who set fire to a flat in Coronation Street?

As Tracy left the building, the candle she lit set fire to a nearby lampshade. Leanne Battersby first noticed the fire through Carla’s flat window. She entered the building and ran up to the flat, using a fire extinguisher to ram the door open as she hadn’t a key.

Who burnt Mike Baldwin’s factory?

Don Brennan
BITTER Don Brennan set fire to Mike Baldwin’s factory last night – with the help of Lancashire fire brigade. The spectacular Coronation Street blaze was shot at the brigade’s training centre at Euxton, near Chorley.

What caused the tram crash in Coronation Street?

In the tram crash episodes to mark Corrie’s 50th anniversay a tram crashed into the street after a gas explosion at The Joinery bar.

How did hope start the fire in Coronation Street?

The pyromaniac – who set fire to Underworld in 2019 – lit a candle next to Alina’s cot after growing jealous of her and Tyrone’s unborn baby.

What happened to Alena in Corrie?

But Alina suffered a tragic miscarriage while in hospital after being rushed in following a fire at the flat – started by Tyrone’s daughter Hope. During her final scenes, a distraught Alina confided in her best friend Emma that she was expecting again just weeks after suffering a miscarriage.

Is Johnny Briggs married?

Christine Allsopm. 1975–2006
Caroline Sinclairm. 1961–1975
Johnny Briggs/Spouse

Is Johnny Briggs still alive?

Deceased (1935–2021)
Johnny Briggs/Living or Deceased

Who got killed by a tram in Coronation Street?

Alan Bradley
Alan met his end in Blackpool when he was hit by a tram while chasing Rita, in one of the programme’s most famous moments. According to The Coronation Street Story, shortly after the episode went out, someone put a plaque by the railings where Alan died, reading “Alan Bradley the sham got knocked over by a tram”.

Who died in Viaduct accident Corrie?

As a result, the viaduct running above the restaurant is destroyed, sending a tram careering onto the street, destroying D&S Alahan’s Corner Shop and The Kabin. Two characters, Ashley Peacock (Steven Arnold) and Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns), and an unnamed taxi driver perished as a result of the disaster.

Does Fiz take the blame for the fire?

Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine has revealed that Fiz’s actions in upcoming episodes will be affected by waiting to protect her daughter Hope. In scenes to air next week, Fiz will be spending a night in prison after taking the blame for Hope’s role in the fire that left Alina injured.

What did fizz and tyrones daughter do?

During an altercation with Tyrone, Kirsty fell down the stairs and used the incident to claim Tyrone was abusing her. Tyrone and Fiz ran away with Ruby and Fiz’s two-year-old daughter Hope, but were ultimately tracked down by police, with Tyrone ending up in court over his alleged abuse towards Kirsty.

Is Elena leaving Corrie?

Coronation Street star Ruxandra Porojnicu has confirmed she has left the soap after two years. The actress is best known to viewers for playing beautician Alina Pop.

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