Who is the opposite of deep?

Who is the opposite of deep?

Antonym of Deep

Word Antonym
Deep Shallow
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Is shallow the opposite of deep?

The opposite of ‘shallow’ is ‘deep’. ‘Deep’ can be used as both an adjective and a noun referring to the ocean, but the adjectival version is far more…

Is superficial opposite of deep?

In anatomy, superficial is a directional term that indicates one structure is located more externally than another, or closer to the surface of the body. The opposite of superficial is deep. For example, the spine is deep in the body, while the skin is superficial.

What is another word for not deep?

What is another word for not deep?

shallow depthless
hollow short
slight superficial
cursory empty
inconsiderable wide

What is the opposite of deep What is the opposite of deep?

Deep means; profound, sound, abstruse, recondite, religious, extending far down from the top or surface. Opposites of Deep; shallow. superficial.

What’s the opposite of a deep voice?

What is the opposite of deep voice?

falsetto voice high-pitched voice
mezzo-soprano voice soprano voice
squeaky voice tenor voice
treble voice

How do you spell the opposite of heavy?

Opposites of Heavy;

  1. light.
  2. lightweight.
  3. weightless.
  4. featherweight.
  5. airy.
  6. buoyant.
  7. featherlike.
  8. feathery.

What directional term is the opposite of deep?

Superficial. Toward the surface of the body. Ex: in the kidney the cortex is superficial to the medulla. Opposite of deep. Superior.

What is the antonym of deep?

deep(adj) literary term for an ocean. “denizens of the deep”. Antonyms: shallow, colourless, shoaly, high, close, thin, small, knee-deep, neritic, fordable, mild, ankle-deep, little, reefy, light, shelvy, artless, superficial, narrow, wakeful, high-pitched, colorless, shelfy, exoteric, explicable.

What is the opposite of deeper?

The opposite of deep is shallow. Though deep has a multifaceted exxplanation, let us first focus on its root word, which is oppose.

What is the opposite of deepest?

, Author: Mark Twain and the Brazen Serpent. “Shallow” is the opposite of “deep,” with reference to physical, emotional or intellectual depth. “Superficial” (meaning “only on the surface”) is another antonym; a superficial analysis lacks depth of data or thought.

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