Who is Ranofer in the golden goblet?

Who is Ranofer in the golden goblet?

Ranofer. Ranofer is the young, orphaned son of a goldsmith. Ranofer has never wanted anything more than he wants to be a goldsmith like his father. However, upon his father’s death, Ranofer has been forced to live with a half-brother he did not know he had and to do as the half-brother desires.

What happens in chapter 10 of the golden goblet?

Ranofer ventures follows Gebu out into the darkness in extreme fear, chanting spells to keep spirits away. As he looks for Gebu, something trips him, and thinking it is some unknown attacker he races home.

Why was Ranofer worried about reporting GEBU for stealing the goblet?

Why did Ranofer worry that he was apart of the gold theft? Ibni was giving him the wineskins, which had gold in them, and he was taking them to Gebu. He would have to reveal that he was a part of the theft.

What did Ranofer see inside the tomb?

Ranofer walks into the dark recesses of the tomb and discovers that Gebu is robbing the tomb of Huaa, father of Queen Tiy who is presently Queen of Egypt.

Where does Ranofer live in the golden goblet?

The Golden Goblet is a young adult novel that not only teaches a lesson about morals, but offers a history lesson that is unmatched by other novels of its kind. Ranofer is working as a porter in Rekh’s goldsmith shop, making ingots and running errands.

What was the creature that frightened Ranofer?

Ranofer was scared after he encountered the great winged creature but Ranofer still wants to go on. When he was inside the tomb he was hiding thinking Gebu found him but it was the Ancient.

What happens in chapter 11 of the golden goblet?

In chapter eleven, Ranofer carefully repairs the clay seal on the lock to Gebu’s room and then waits in fear for Gebu to return. Ranofer returns home at lunchtime to take the golden goblet, but discovers it is missing. On the way back to the shop, Ranofer runs into the Ancient.

What happened in chapter 9 of the golden goblet?

In chapter nine, Ranofer goes to the stonecutting shop sore from his latest beating. Ranofer tells this to his friends at lunch and they discuss the situation. It is decided that they will begin spying on Gebu and his friends, with Ranofer following Gebu while Heqet would follow Wenamon and the Ancient Setma.

Why was Ranofer unhappy about his work?

Why was Ranofer unhappy about his work? He wasn’t allowed to learn anything new and had to have the same job all of his life because of his evil half-brother Gebu. Ranofer tried to defy Gebu and not help steal gold by refusing to… Heqet is an apprentice of Rekh he will help Ranofer catch the gold thief.

What does Ranofer hear GEBU tell a friend?

Ranofer decides to tell Ibni that Gebu doesn’t want his wine, so he won’t have to carry home the stolen gold which he believes to be inside the wineskins.

What does Ranofer realize about the goblet?

Ranofer breaks into Gebu’s room and discovers a golden goblet which could not come from the area. Ranofer realizes that Gebu has been tomb robbing by the markings at the bottom which say the name of a pharaoh, Thutmose the Conqueror.

How does Ranofer decide to get away from Gebu?

In chapter seven, the days pass slowly for Ranofer as he becomes adjusted to his work in the stonecutting shop. Ranofer decides the only way to get away from Gebu would be to somehow get a donkey and cut reeds to sell to the shipbuilders.

Who is Ranofer’s father in the Golden Goblet?

Ranofer dreams of his father Thuthra, a great goldsmith who has died. 2.) Ranofer had hoped to become his father’s pupil one day but instead he now had to live with his half- brother Gebu who starves and beats him. 3.) He is forced to work as a porter, to sweep out the goldsmith shop instead of working as an apprentice.

Why did Ranofer tell Heqet to tell rekh?

While Ranofer shows Heqet how to make solder, he confides in him his belief that Gebu and Ibni are stealing the gold, and asks him to tell Rekh at the right time so that Gebu won’t know it is Ranofer who tells. Heqet agrees. 1,) 8 days later, as Ranofer walks home, he sees people rushing past him and dashing about shouting. Something is happening.

Why does Ranofer take half his breakfast to his father’s grave?

Because he feels his father’s ba had brought him the plan in his sleep, Ranofer takes an offering of half his meager breakfast to his father’s grave before work. 3.)

What happens when Ranofer comes home empty handed?

When Ranofer comes home empty handed, Gebu beats him severely and forces him to agree to bring home the wineskins from then on. 1.) Ranofer awakes with a plan to expose Gebu as the gold stealer. 2.)

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