Where are NARA approved dispositions listed?

Where are NARA approved dispositions listed?

Agencies may use the disposition authority in General Records Schedule 23, Item 7, or on a NARA-approved agency records schedule for electronic mail records that have very short-term retention periods of 180 days or less.

What is the AFI that governs the records management program?

AFI 33-322
AFI 33-322, which implements this CFR requirement, requires Commanders and Civilian Directors at all levels to provide a Records Management Plan “within 60 days of taking command” for implementing the RM Program for their units.

What are the functions of records management?

Records management is “responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the form of records”.

Where are federal documents stored?

National Archives Building
Federal court records are kept in the Regional Records Services Facility that covers records from that state. The one exception is the District of Columbia. These court records are in the National Archives Building in Washington, DC.

What is Nara stand for?

National Archives and
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the nation’s record keeper.

Where is the National Archives and Records Administration located?

Washington, D.C.
700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., U.S. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is an independent agency of the United States government charged with the preservation and documentation of government and historical records.

What are the specific function and uses of records?

Functions of records systems

  • create and/or capture records by assigning them unique identities and when necessary allow users to provide additional description, such as a title and date of the record.
  • create and/or capture process metadata such as date of creation and/or capture and by whom.

Who is responsible for the Air Force records management program?

Who oversees the Air Force records management program? What are the responsibilities of the Air Force Records Officer (AFRO)? To administer the program, represent the Secretary of the Air Force on records management issues, and oversee the legal requirements of records disposal.

What is the document control and records management process?

The document control and records management process is part of an overall set of integrated processes for the operation and support of nuclear plants. The process is comprised of the elements described below: Receive – Receiving encompasses the identification and classification of documents.

What are the responsibilities of the USGS records management?

Preserving records for the length of time dictated by the records schedules unless there is a high expectation of litigation or pending litigation requires preservation. C. Establishing, periodically reviewing, and revising disposition authorities for all USGS records including data through NARA-approved records schedules.

When to cancel a NARA records management course?

NOTES Knowledge Area 1: Records Management Overview PG Welcome-2 January 2017 Welcome Course Outline Cancellation and Attendance Policies NARA reserves the right to postpone or cancel a course at any time. We will make every effort to contact registrants by email and telephone if that occurs.

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