When was Cafe del Mar released?

When was Café del Mar released?

Cafe Del Mar/Released

How old is Café del Mar?

The Café del Mar opened in 1980 in Sant Antoni de Portmany, a town in Ibiza, in Spain’s Balearic Islands.

Why is Café del Mar famous?

Well known for its spectacular sunsets and atmospheric music, Café del Mar is loved by people around the world for its masterfully curated chill-out, ambient and Balearic music compilations. To this day, Café del Mar is a favoured destination in Ibiza to watch the spectacular sundowns while listening to great tunes.

Who wrote Café del Mar?

Harald Blüchel
Paul Schmitz-Moormann
Cafe Del Mar/Composers

Does Cafe del Mar still exist?

Café del Mar (Spanish: [kaˈfe ðel ˈmaɾ], Catalan: [kəˈfe ðəl ˈma]; “Sea Café”) is a bar located in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza, established in 1980. In 1999, it founded the record label Café del Mar Music, known for its series of chillout CDs….Café del Mar.

Type Bar
Website www.cafedelmar.com

Who sang Cafe Del Mar?

Energy 52
Cafe Del Mar/Artists

“Café del Mar” is a song first released in 1993 by the trance project Energy 52. It is named after the famous bar located in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain.

Is Cafe Del Mar trance?

Energy 52’s 1993 trance classic ‘Café Del Mar’ has been given a glorious melodic techno remix by Italian duo Tale Of Us.

How many Cafe Del Mar are there?

Café del Mar

Type Bar
Founded 1980
Headquarters Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza
Number of locations 11 (3 in Spain, 8 International)
Website www.cafedelmar.com

Is Cafe del Mar Open in October?

Café del Mar is now closed for Season 2020. See you again in 2021! We usually OPEN from Easter until mid-October, but due to COVID-19 these dates could vary. We recommend to check our social media channels for news.

Which are the best Cafe Del Mar albums?

Essential albums: Cafe Del Mar (series)

  • Cafe Del Mar Vol 4/Cuatro (1997, Mercury)
  • Cafe Del Mar Vol 5/Cinco (1998, Mercury)
  • Cafe Del Mar Vol 6/Seis (1999, Mercury)
  • Cafe Del Mar Vol 7/Seite (2000, Manifesto)
  • Cafe Del Mar Vol 8/Ocho (2001, Manifesto)
  • Cafe Del Mar Volume 11/Once (2004, Cafe Del Mar Music)

Is Cafe Del Mar Child Friendly?

Children of all ages are welcome to Café del Mar Ibiza. Please be advised that the music can be loud for small children.

Is Cafe Del Mar Ibiza open all year round?

Re: When does Café del Mar open? you can buy them all year round and card payment shouldn’t be a problem…..

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