When should an apostrophe be used?

When should an apostrophe be used?

The apostrophe has three uses: 1) to form possessive nouns; 2) to show the omission of letters; and 3) to indicate plurals of letters, numbers, and symbols. ​Do not ​use apostrophes to form possessive ​pronouns ​(i.e. ​his​/​her ​computer) or ​noun ​plurals that are not possessives.

What is the rule of apostrophe?

Apostrophes may indicate possession or mark omitted letters in contractions. The basic rule is quite simple: use the apostrophe to indicate possession, not a plural. The exceptions to the rule may seem confusing: hers has no apostrophe, and it’s is not possessive.

Where is apostrophe used correctly?

The apostrophe has two functions: it marks possession, and it is used in contractions to indicate the place where the letters have been omitted. In singular, possession is marked by ‘s, written immediately after the possessor….Possession.

Singular Plural
ending in –s, –z ‘s
not ending in –s, –z ‘s ‘s

Is it this week’s or this weeks?

Is It This Weeks or This Week’s? As “weeks” is the plural form of the noun, the phrase “this weeks” is incorrect as “this” is singular and not compatible with the plural noun. The singular pronoun “this” requires either the singular “week” or singular possessive “week’s.”

How do you identify an apostrophe?

Apostrophes are used for only two purposes: to indicate a contraction or ownership. Use the apostrophe with contractions. The apostrophe is always placed where the letter has been removed. For example couldn’t, don’t, isn’t, you’re, she’s, it’s- which is “it is.” (N.B. This is the contraction, not the possessive.

How do you remember the apostrophe rule?

4 Simple Things to Remember about Apostrophes

  1. Ownership. A major use of apostrophes is to indicate possession, or ownership.
  2. Apostrophes with Plurals. When you have more than one dog, you have dogs.
  3. Missing Letters. In English, we often contract words.
  4. Apostrophes with Verbs. Verbs are action words, like run, sit and walk.

What is correct James or James’s?

The proper convention is to include the possessive apostrophe even when the word ends in an “s.” So “James’s” is correct. The only exception to that are proper nouns so well established that traditionally they have always been used with just an apostrophe.

What are the 2 types of apostrophes?

There are two different kinds of apostrophes: smart and straight.

Which is correct Lucas or Lucas’s?

Both Lucas’s or Lucas’ are correct. There are several different style guides for writing the English language.

Which is correct Carlos’s or Carlos?

Both are acceptable. Some people just prefer Carlos’ to avoid the 2 s back to back. In the above examples, the possessive is made by adding an apostrophe plus an s to the word that possesses. However, if the word already ends in s, whether plural or not, it is acceptable to add an apostrophe only.

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