When did the first episode of Days of Our Lives air?

When did the first episode of Days of Our Lives air?

It aired on Nov. 8, 1965. The legendary drama begins with Julie Olson (Charla Doherty), Diane (Geraldine Lawrence), and Carol (Simone Pascal) stealing a fur from a department store, only to be caught by a detective (Robert J. Stevenson) and the store clerk (Phil Mansour).

Who are the actors in Days of Our Lives?

Episode cast overview: Macdonald Carey Dr. Tom Horton: Frances Reid Alice Horton: Maree Cheatham Marie Horton (as Marie Cheatham) John Clarke Mickey Horton: Richard A. Colla Tony Merritt (as Dick Colla) Charla Doherty

Where does Days of Our Lives take place?

Days of our Lives is set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem. The core families are the Bradys, the Hortons and the DiMeras, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

What’s the last name of Julie Olson on Days of Our Lives?

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Please try again! DID YOU KNOW? When Julie Olson is arrested for stealing a fur coat from a department store as a bid for attention from her parents, Addie and Ben, she gives her last name as Horton: the last name of her grandparents, Tom and Alice.


What are the ratings for Days of Our Lives?

Your purchase is based on what you check off. Please review your order prior to checking out. For more details such as quality, ratings, or missing episodes for specific years, please go to that year’s page. Each year is listed on the Days of Our Lives page. Currently 3/5 Stars.

How long has Days of Our Lives been on?

Days of Our Lives (also stylized as Days of our Lives; often abbreviated to DOOL or Days) is an American daytime soap opera broadcast on NBC. It is one of the longest-running scripted television programs in the world, airing nearly every weekday since November 8, 1965.

November 8, 1965
Days of Our Lives/First episode date
Days of Our Lives is a long-running American television soap opera drama, airing on NBC. Created by Ted and Betty Corday, the series premiered on November 8, 1965.

Who was in the first episode of Days of Our Lives?

When Days of Our Lives debuted, the cast consisted of seven main characters: Tom Horton, Alice Horton, Mickey Horton, Marie Horton, Julie Olson, Tony Merritt and Craig Merritt. When the show expanded to one hour in April 1975, the cast increased to 27 actors.

How many episodes of Days of Our Lives a Year?

Days of Our Lives/Number of episodes

How old are Doug and Julie Williams on Days of Our Lives?

With the average retirement age hovering around 60 years old in the United States, one could imagine that 94-year-old Days of our Lives actor Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) and 76-year-old actress Susan Seaforth-Hayes (Julie Williams) would be seeking a slow, post-work lifestyle.

Who is the new female character on Days of Our Lives?

Marla Gibbs (“227,” “The Jeffersons”) is joining the cast of “Days of our Lives” as Olivia Price, mother of Paulina and grandmother to Chanel. She reunites with her former sitcom co-star Jackée Harry beginning Tuesday, August 17.

Is Days of Our Lives from friends real?

Days was satirized on Friends when Joey Tribbiani got a job as Dr. Drake Ramoray on the show. All storylines shown on Friends (with guest shots by actual Days of our Lives stars) were fictional and did not represent what was really going on in the soap opera itself.

Will Days of our Lives be renewed for 2022?

Renewal talks were underway then, with writers already working ahead on stories for the 2021-22 season. “After more than 55 years of bringing drama, adventure and romance to screens around the world, we are thrilled and honored to carry on the Days of our Lives legacy for another two years,” said Corday.


When did Days of Our Lives start in high definition?

Beginning on November 8, 2010, which marked Days of Our Lives ‘ 45th anniversary, the show began airing in high definition. The show was officially “rebooted” on September 26, 2011, in an effort to gain back its lapsed audience, appeal to long-term loyal fans, begin new stories, and boost ratings.

When was Days of Our Lives expanded to 60 minutes?

Due to the series’ success, Days was expanded from 30 minutes to 60 minutes on April 21, 1975. Days of Our Lives is the most widely distributed soap opera in the United States, and has been syndicated to many countries around the world in the years since its debut.


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