What territorial changes resulted from the Peace of Paris?

What territorial changes resulted from the Peace of Paris?

In the terms of the treaty, France gave up all its territories in mainland North America, effectively ending any foreign military threat to the British colonies there.

What were six results of the Peace of Westphalia?

Six results of the peace of Westphalia were the weakening of Austria and Spain, the strengthening of France, the independency of German princes from the Holy Roman Emperor, the end to religious wars in Europe, the introduction of the peace summit, and the abandonment of Catholic rule over Europe.

How are Austria and Prussia similar?

How were Austria and Prussia similar? Both sought to consolidate power and expand their territory. Both were ruled by the Hohenzollern family. Both emerged from the Thirty Years War as strong Catholic states.

What was one of Maria Theresas successes as an absolute monarch?

She began by initiating reforms. Maria Theresa strengthened the army by doubling the number of troops from her father’s reign, reorganized the tax structure to insure a predictable annual income to support the costs of the government and army, and centralized an office to assist in the collection of the taxes.

What territorial changes happened to Austria?

Austria gained Lombardy-Venetia in Northern Italy, while much of the rest of North-Central Italy went to Habsburg dynasties (the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the Duchy of Modena, and the Duchy of Parma). The Papal States were restored to the Pope.

What were some effects of the Peace of Westphalia quizlet?

Some of the effects of the Peace of Westphalia were that France emerged a clear winner, gaining territory on both its Spanish and German frontiers. The Hapsburgs were not so fortunate. They had to accept the almost total independence of all the princes of the Holy Roman Empire.

What changes were brought about with the Peace of Westphalia quizlet?

The Peace of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years’ War. It stated that all German states, including the Calvinist ones, should determine their own religion. The states that made up the Holy Roman Empire were recognized as independent states, bringing an end to the Holy Roman Empire as a political entity.

How did the two great empires of Austria and Prussia emerge from the Thirty Years War?

How did the two great empires of Austria and Prussia emerge from the Thirty Years’ War and subsequent events? The war depopulated the German states and weakened their unity, resulting in the emergence of many small independent states. European nations maintained a balance of power through wars and shifting alliances.

How did Austria and Prussia change in the 1700s?

How did Austria and Prussia change during 1700’s? During the 1600s and the 1700s rulers of Austria and Prussia sought to expand their territories. In addition, Fredrick worked to improve Prussia’s harbors and canals. Which of the changes made by Peter the Great do you think had the greatest impact on Russia.

What were Maria Theresa enlightened accomplishments?

She introduced an income and poll tax. Though opposed to religious toleration and all efforts to reform the Habsburg Empire from the grassroots, Maria Theresa carried out lasting reforms, establishing elementary schools, breaking the Jesuit monopoly on education, and removing universities from Church control.

How did Maria Theresa reform the government?

Maria Theresa invested in reforms that advanced what today would be defined as public health. Her initiatives included the study of infant mortality, countering wasteful and unhygienic burial customs, and inoculation of children. Wishing to improve Austria’s bureaucracy, Maria Theresa reformed education in 1775.

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