What shops are in The Piece Hall?

What shops are in The Piece Hall?

Take a look at our Shops

  • Manjo Home. Homeware.
  • The Escaporium. Leisure.
  • Vintage Metal Signs. Toys & Collectables.
  • Pages N’ Pixels. Toys & Collectables.
  • Replicar. Toys & Collectables.
  • Harveys of Halifax. Gifts.

How big is The Piece Hall?

Following a multi-million pound conservation and transformation, The Piece Hall reopened in August 2017. The immense 66,000 sq ft open-air courtyard is now enclosed by a mix of independent bars, restaurants, shops and cafés.

What bars are in The Piece Hall Halifax?

Eat & Drink at The Piece Hall

  • The Trading Rooms. Bar Restaurant.
  • The Deli. Cafe.
  • Blondin’s. Cafe.
  • Gin Lane. Bar.
  • The Bakery. Bar Cafe.
  • The Wine Barrel. Bar.
  • G’s Cakes. Cafe.

Can you smoke in The Piece Hall?

(When we’re presenting events/gigs/concerts, we also don’t want food bought outside The Piece Hall, being brought into the premises). There’s no smoking or vaping in and around the courtyard or any of our shops, restaurants and bars.

How old is the Piece Hall?

242c. 1779
The Piece Hall Halifax/Age

Are dogs allowed in Piece Hall?

Dogs: Well behaved dogs on a lead are very welcome in the courtyard and the outlets run by The Piece Hall Trust, however restrictions may apply to some of the independent shops, restaurant and bar and at ticketed events. Access dogs are welcome in all areas.

How old is the Piece Hall Halifax?

When did Piece Hall reopen?

1 August 2017
The Piece Hall reopened on 1 August 2017, after a £19 million restoration project started in 2014.

Is Shibden Mill Inn open?

Monday- Friday : 12.00-11.00pm Lunch served 12.00-2.30pm, and Ala Carte Menu served 5.30-9.00pm.Saf. 1, 1443 AH

Is there parking at Piece Hall Halifax?

Parking. As an historic building The Piece Hall does not have its own car park, however Halifax Town Centre has plenty of car parks and on-street parking spaces, all within walking distance of The Piece Hall.

How did the Piece Hall get its name?

The Piece Hall is a Grade I listed building in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. It was built as a cloth hall for handloom weavers to sell the woollen cloth “pieces” they had produced.

Why is the Piece Hall called that?

How many rooms are there in Piece Hall?

This structure which was completed at an expense of £12,000 and opened on 1 January 1779 unites elegance convenience and security. It contains three hundred and fifteen separate rooms and is proof against fire.

Why is the Piece Hall important to Yorkshire?

It is the sole survivor of the great eighteenth century northern cloth halls, a class of buildings which embodied the vital and dominant importance of the trade in hand woven textiles to the pre-industrial economy of the West Riding of Yorkshire, from the Middle Ages through to the early nineteenth century.

When was the Piece Hall re-opened to the public?

On 3rd July 1976, The Piece Hall was officially re-opened for public use. Although there were still large areas of the building left unconverted and used for storage, it became for a time a bustling centre of activity]

Why was the Piece Hall built in Halifax?

A centre of the cloth trade Halifax had a Cloth Hall and a Linen Hall for many years and businessmen who came to Halifax to sell or buy cloth had long been in the habit of lodging at certain inns, but in 1779 the fine new Piece Hall was built at the expense of local clothiers on land provided by the Caygill family.

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