What is the OD of a M12 bolt?

What is the OD of a M12 bolt?

Metric Hex Bolt Dimensions

m10 10.00 15.73
m12 12.00 17.73
m14 14.00 20.67
m16 16.00 23.67

What diameter is an M12 bolt?

M12 bolts are a metric sized bolt with a 12mm thread diameter.

What is the width across flats?

Width across flats is the distance between two parallel surfaces on the head of a screw or bolt, or a nut, mostly for torque transmission by positive locking. The term width across flats (AF) is used for the following forms: 2-socket = round material with two surfaces. 4-socket = profile square section.

How wide is a M12 thread?

Thread Geometry – Metric Coarse

Thread Major Diameter Pitch Diameter
M12 12.0 10.863
M14 14.0 12.701
M16 16.0 14.701
M18 18.0 16.376

What size is M12 bolt in inches?

Table 3.

Metric Closest Inch
M10-1.5 3/8-16 (Smaller)
M12-1.75 1/2-13 (Larger)
M14-2.0 9/16-12 (Larger)
M16-2.0 5/8-11 (Smaller)

What does M12 mean?

6. Those are metric screw dimensions. M10 means a 10 millimeter outer diameter for the bolt or whatever piece it is; M12 means 12 millimeters. The part after the ‘x’ is the pitch — how many mm a thread is wide. To figure out which you have, you can measure the existing part with calipers and a thread gauge.

How do I know what size socket I have?

  1. Turn on the digital caliper and set it to read in millimeters, not inches. Set the nut on a flat surface.
  2. Close the caliper jaws until each jaw rests on one flat side of the nut.
  3. Check the caliper display. The reading shown is the size of the nut as a decimal.

What size socket fits a M20 nut?

Size Chart

Bolt size Size Tolerance
5/8″BSW 28.61
3/4″UNF 1-1/8″ 29.15
29mm 29.58
M20 30mm 30.58

What is M12 in standard?

What is M12 in MM?

19 mm
Standard metric spanner and allen key sizes.

Size Spanner Allen Key
M8 13 mm 6 mm
M10 17 mm 8 mm
M12 19 mm 10 mm
M16 24 mm 14 mm

How do I know what size bolt I need?

To measure the diameter of screws and bolts, you measure the distance from the outer thread on one side to the outer thread on the other side. This is called the major diameter and will usually be the proper size of the bolt.

How are 12 sockets measured?

In the current market, socket sizes are divided into two systems: SAE (imperial, measured in inches) and metric (measured in millimeters). Both 6-point and 12-point sockets are measured using these two systems. The popular range is 5.5~24mm.

What is the most common bolt size?

Common Bolt Sizes. The most common sizes for wheel lug nuts are 7/16-inch, 1/2-inch, 9/16-inch, 5/8-inch, 12 mm, and 14 mm. In addition to these sizes, automotive engines may also have 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, and 3/8-inch bolts.

What are the common metric bolt sizes?

Metric bolt sizes range from 10 mm to 24 mm. Odd diameters such as 19 mm and 21 mm become common in this range. Standard bolt sizes range from 5/16-inches to 1 inch, again increasing in increments of 1/16-inch.

What size is m Bolt?

The “M” means “metric.”. Metric threads are designated by diameter and thread spacing. For instance, the most common bolt size used on bicycles is 5 x .8, also known as “M5.”. This size is used for water bottle mounts, cable anchor bolts, fender/rack eyelets, shifter mounts etc. The “5” means the bolt diameter is 5 mm.

What is the diameter of a bolt?

Typically, machine bolt sizes range from 1/4″ to 1 1/4″ for square heads and 3/8″ to 1 3/4″ in diameter for hex heads, and lengths span from about 3/4″ to 18″ for square and 6 1/2″ to 24″ for hex heads. Measure length from under the head to the threaded end of the bolt.

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