What is the main problem in Speak?

What is the main problem in Speak?

Melinda’s primary internal conflict is over whether or not to tell anyone that she was raped by one of the older students at her school. On the night that the attack occurs, Melinda dials 911 from a phone at the party, but finds herself unable to speak to the dispatcher and explain what has happened.

What does Melinda struggle with?

Melinda and the Talk Shows When Melinda gets her daytime talk show on, she finds some answers she needs. Melinda is sick and stays home from school the day after she learns that her ex-best friend, Rachel Bruin, is dating Andy.

What is the social issue in Speak?

Isolation, Loneliness, and Depression Because Speak takes place within Melinda’s mind, author Laurie Halse Anderson is able to vividly and achingly portray the effects of isolation and loneliness upon human consciousness.

Why does Rachel hate Melinda in Speak?

Although she and Melinda used to be best friends, Rachel now hates Melinda, believing (like the other students at their high school) that Melinda called the police on a summer party in order to get others in trouble, when really she was attempting to report her own rape.

What is the main theme of speak?

Theme of “Speak” Melinda was raped at the party by a boy named Andy Evans. After the rape, Melinda is unable to speak about what happened to her and quits speaking altogether. Rape and the consequences for the victim is the main theme, along with losing one’s voice and the tremendous courage it takes to find it again.

What type of conflict is speak?

The man versus society conflict that occurs throughout the story involves Melinda Sordino’s struggle to assimilate with her peers as a freshman in high school.

What is the main idea of Speak?

Who are the characters in Speak?

Melinda Sordino
Andy EvansRachel BruinIvyHeather

What is the theme of Speak?

What happened to Andy Evans at the end of Speak?

Another reason we consider the ending happy: Andy Evans, who seems to be a serial rapist, is finally revealed for what he truly is. As the graffiti on the bathroom wall of the girls’ bathroom shows, Andy has sexually assaulted dozens of girls at Merryweather High, and probably other places, too.

What are the characters in the book Speak?

What was the internal conflict in the book Melinda?

Melinda’s primary internal conflict is over whether or not to tell anyone that she was raped by one of the older students at her school.

Who is Melinda in the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson?

A ninth-grade girl named Melinda is at the heart of Laurie Halse Anderson’s young-adult novel, “Speak.” Raped by an older boy at an out-of-control summer party, Melinda has become an outcast at Merryweather High School for calling the police. As a result of her attack and the bullying that follows, Melinda stops speaking.

Why did Melinda call 911 in the book Speak?

No one, however, knows Melinda’s biggest secret, the reason she dialed 911 over the summer–a senior named Andy Evans raped her while she was drunk at the party. Horrified and upset in the aftermath, the first thing Melinda thought to do was to call for help. She spends the school year reliving the party,…

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