What is the conflict of Tuwaang attends a wedding?

What is the conflict of Tuwaang attends a wedding?

Conflict: In Hades, Tuwaang saw Tuhawa, the god of Hades. Tuhawa told him that the life of the groom was in the gold flute. Tuwaang emerged from the ground and killed the groom by buying the gold flute.

What kind of literature is Tuwaang attends a wedding?

Folk poetry, Manuvu — Translations into English.

What are the characters in Tuwaang attends a wedding?


  • TUWAANG- main character.
  • YOUNG MAN OF SAKADNA- the groom.
  • MAIDEN OF MONAWON- the bride.
  • GUNGUTAN- tuwaang’s bird companion.
  • TUWAHA- God of underworld.

What is the story of Tuwaang?

Tuwaang is an epic hero in several epics of the indigenous group Bagobo in Mindanao. Tuwaang received a message of invitation from the wind saying that he should attend the long- waited wedding of the Dalaga ng Monawon. He insisted to go and prepared to attend the grand wedding.

Who is the creator of Tuwaang attends a wedding?

E Arsenio Manuel
Tuwaang attends a wedding

Author: E Arsenio Manuel
Publisher: Quezon City : Ateneo de Manila U.P., 1975.
Edition/Format: Print book : EnglishView all editions and formats
Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews – Be the first.
Subjects Tuwaang (Bagobo folk-epic) Manobos (Philippine people)

What are the characteristics of Tuwaang?

Unique Characteristics Another unique characteristic from the text is the epic’s main character or hero, Tuwaang, who represents the ethnic people of the region because the people of CARAGA are considered fierce and brave people, The etymology of CARAGA coming from native word “Kalag” means soul or dead.

What is the meaning of Tuwaang?

English Translation. excited. More meanings for tuwaang-tuwa. overjoyed adjective.

Who told Tuwaang about the secret of overcoming his foe?

Tuwaang sinks into the Underworld. There he talks to Tuhawa’, god of the Underworld, who tells him the secret to overcoming his enemy.

Why was Tuwaang determined to go to the wedding?

Tuwaang, after finishing some work, calls his aunt aside and informs her that the wind has brought him a message: he is to attend the wedding of the Maiden of Mo:nawon. The aunt tries to dissuade him from going, for she foresees trouble. Tuwaang, however, is determined to go.

How does marriage work in the Manobo tribe?

In Manobo Tribe, Marriage is said to be traditionally imposed by parental arrangement. The asking of marriage (ginsa) to the girl begins when the two familes chose their datu (bai).

What kind of awards did Manuel Tuwaang win?

Manuel was born in Santo Domingo, Nueva Ecija to a Filipino-American War veteran. His numerous awards include the 1989 CCP Gawad Para sa Sining, the 1991 National Social Scientist Award, and the 2000 Dangal Alab ng Haraya Award by the National Commission for Culture and Arts for a lifetime achievement in cultural research.

Who is the god of the underworld In Tuwaang?

Tuwaang in turn is thrust into the earth and sinks into the Underworld. There he talks to Tuwaha’, god of the Underworld, who tells him the secret of overcoming his foe. Tuwaang surfaces and summons the golden flute in which the Young Man of Sakadna keeps his life.

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