What is the age of Saqlain Mushtaq?

What is the age of Saqlain Mushtaq?

44 years (December 29, 1976)
Saqlain Mushtaq/Age

Where is Saqlain Mushtaq now?

PTI. Former Test spinner Saqlain, who is currently the head coach at the high performance centre of Pakistan Cricket Board in Lahore, has been named as interim head coach with former Test all-rounder Abdul Razzaq as his deputy for the home series against New Zealand.

What is the age of Saeed Ajmal?

44 years (October 14, 1977)
Saeed Ajmal/Age

Who named doosra?

Moin Khan
The doosra is a relatively new type of delivery. The naming of the delivery is attributed to Moin Khan, the former Pakistani wicketkeeper, who would call on Saqlain Mushtaq to bowl the “doosra” (the other one) from behind the stumps.

Why was doosra banned?

However, he was banned in September 2014 after his action was deemed illegal for all deliveries by the ICC as part of the clampdown on illegal actions.

Who is the wife of Shahid Afridi?

Nadia Afridi
Shahid Afridi/Wife

What is a Teesra in cricket?

The Teesra, also known as the Jalebi , is a particular type of delivery by an off-spin bowler in the sport of cricket, which renowned off-spinner Saqlain Mushtaq said he had invented. Saeed Ajmal took a match haul of 10 for 97 and became the fifth bowler to pick up seven leg before wicket dismissals in a match.

Why is doosra banned?

Why is it called a Jaffa in cricket?

Jaffa originally referred to an ancient port in Israel, and then a sweet, thick-skinned orange grown near that port. A jaffa in cricket might come from the idea of a particularly good orange or a tasty biscuit.

Did Shahid Afridi have a son?

Shaheen Shah Afridi (Urdu: شاھین شاہ آفریدی‎, Pashto: شاهین شاہ آفریدی‎; born 6 April 2000) is a Pakistani professional cricketer who plays as a fast bowler for the Pakistan national cricket team.

Who will marry Afridi daughter?

bowler Shaheen Afridi
Legendary Pakistan allrounder Shahid Afridi has confirmed his eldest daughter is engaged to fast bowler Shaheen Afridi. In an interview with a TV channel, the former Pakistan captain said if god willing, Shaheen will become his son-in-law in the future. “My daughter is engaged to Shaheen, Alhamdulillah.

What’s a carrom ball in cricket?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The carrom ball (also known as the sodukku ball in parts of India) is a style of spin bowling delivery used in cricket. The ball is released by flicking it between the thumb and a bent middle finger in order to impart spin.

When did Saqlain Mushtaq get released by Surrey?

On 26 September 2007, Saqlain was released by the county on his request. On 8 October 2007, Saqlain was re-signed by Surrey. On 28 October, according to Cricinfo, he was released by Surrey. In April 2009 he joined Old Whitgiftians CC to play in the Surrey Championship.

Who are the two brothers of Saqlain Mushtaq?

Saqlain was born to a government clerk on 29 December 1976, in Lahore. He has two elder brothers: Sibtain, who also played first-class cricket for Lahore, and Zulqurnain.

How old was Saqlain Mushtaq when he started playing cricket?

Saqlain started his first-class career in 1994–95 at the age of 17. In his first season he took 52 wickets and was selected to play for Pakistan A in a one-day tournament at Dhaka.

What was the invention of Saqlain Mushtaq?

Saqlain is credited with the invention of the “doosra”, an off-spinner’s delivery bowled with an action similar to that of an off-break.

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