What is opposite to exhume?

What is opposite to exhume?

Verb. Opposite of to take out of a place of burial. bury. inhume. inter.

What is another word for exhumation?

What is another word for exhume?

disinter unearth
disentomb unbury
dig up disclose
disembalm disinhume
resurrect reveal

How do you use exhume in a sentence?

Exhume in a Sentence 🔉

  1. In twenty years, we will exhume our time capsule from the ground.
  2. The medical examiner will exhume the corpse to see if the man was poisoned.
  3. Because the girl’s parents believed she died of unnatural causes, they decided to exhume her body for a full autopsy.

What is opposite of period?

â–˛ Opposite of a continuous period of a particular situation or condition. brief spurt.

What does it mean to disinter something?

transitive verb. 1 : to take out of the grave or tomb. 2 : to bring back into awareness or prominence also : to bring to light : unearth.

What does Disentomb mean?

: to take out from or as if from a tomb : bring to light : disinter.

What is meant by exhumation?

to dig (something buried, especially a dead body) out of the earth; disinter. to revive or restore after neglect or a period of forgetting; bring to light: to exhume a literary reputation; to exhume old letters.

What is the exhumation mean?

What is the opposite of periodic?

Opposite of appearing or occurring at intervals. constant. continuous. incessant. inconstant.

What is the opposite of a girls period?

Hypomenorrhea or hypomenorrhoea, also known as short or scanty periods, is extremely light menstrual blood flow.

What part of speech is disinter?

verb (used with object), dis·in·terred, dis·in·ter·ring.

What does it mean to be saintly?

If someone is saintly, they’re so perfect that they’re almost too good to be true. A truly saintly person spends her life helping others. Saintly people are extremely kind and virtuous, modeling themselves after actual saints, people who are canonized by the Catholic church after death and are believed to be in heaven.

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