What is Beverly Mitchell known for?

What is Beverly Mitchell known for?

Arcadia, California, U.S. Beverley Ann Mitchell (born January 22, 1981) is an American actress and country music singer. She portrayed Lucy Camden on the television series 7th Heaven.

How much is Beverly Mitchell worth?

She was born on January 22, 1981 in Arcadia, California and attended Loyola Marymount University where she majored in film production….Beverley Mitchell Net Worth.

Net Worth: $2.5 Million
Date of Birth: Jan 22, 1981 (40 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
Profession: Actor, Singer

What else did Beverly Mitchell play in?


  • Known For. 7th Heaven Lucy Camden (1996-2007)
  • Saw II Laura (2005)
  • The Crow: City of Angels Grace (1996)
  • Right on Track Erica Enders (2003)
  • Actress. Uploaded Victoria Perry (2021)
  • Blood Pageant Shelley (2021)
  • Candy Cane Christmas Phoebe Saunders (2020)
  • Rock and Roll Christmas Ashlyn Rose (2019)

Did Beverley Mitchell play on GREY’s anatomy?

Beverley Mitchell, Actress: 7th Heaven. She portrayed Lucy Camden on the television series 7th Heaven. Feb 3, 2012 – Grey’s Anatomy – first season was the best.

Can Beverly Mitchell sing?

Mitchell is no stranger to singing on screen, however. She sang in a previous Christmas movie and a handful of times on “7th Heaven,” but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t nervous.

Is Beverly Mitchell married?

Michael Cameronm. 2008
Beverley Mitchell/Spouse

How old is Jessica Biel now?

39 years (March 3, 1982)
Jessica Biel/Age
Jessica Biel is opening up about the challenges of being a parent— even the second time around. “The Illusionist” actress, 39, revealed during her Monday appearance on the “Today” show how she struggled to relearn some baby basics following the birth of her and husband Justin Timberlake’s second son, Phineas.

Who is Barry Watson’s wife?

Natasha Gregson Wagnerovám. 2015
Tracy Hutsonm. 2006–2011Laura Payne-Gabrielm. 1997–2002
Barry Watson/Wife

How old is Beverly Mitchell?

40 years (January 22, 1981)
Beverley Mitchell/Age

Are Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell friends?

The actresses eventually grew to have a strong bond, and Mitchell now calls Biel, 37, who she described as “one of the most talented, strong and amazing women,” as close as family.

Does Lucy have miscarriage 7th Heaven?

Beverley Mitchell, most famous for playing Lucy Camden on 90s hit show 7th Heaven, has opened up about a miscarriage she suffered earlier in the year. A few weeks later, our new dream of our growing family came crashing down; we had a miscarriage.

Does Justin Timberlake have a child?

Silas Randall Timberlake
Phineas Timberlake
Justin Timberlake/Children

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are crushing it as parents of two. The ‘NSync singer and the Hollywood actress have been over the moon since giving their first child, Silas, a baby brother named Phineas. Justin and Jessica secretly welcomed their second child in July 2020. “They told very few people.

How old was Beverley Mitchell when she started acting?

Not long after the chance encounter, Mitchell began appearing in a number of television commercial and modelling gigs. When she was just nine years old, the young actress made her official acting debut in an episode of the TV series, Big Brother Jake (1990).

Who are the parents of Beverley Ann Mitchell?

Beverley Mitchell is an American actress. She is also a country singer. She is best known for her role in 7th heaven. Beverley Ann Mitchell was born in Arcadia, California. Her parents are Sharon Mitchell and David Mitchell. Her parents have divorced.

Who is the country singer Beverley Ann Mitchell?

Beverley Ann Mitchell (born January 22, 1981) is an American actress and country music singer.

What did Beverley Mitchell do in 7th Heaven?

Even to this day, over a decade after it was originally broadcasted on TV, 7th Heaven remains to be one of Mitchell’s most well remembered roles on the small screen. In the fall of 2005, Mitchell found herself playing one of the lead characters in the horror flick, Saw II.

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