What is an example of protective?

What is an example of protective?

Protective Sentence Examples He’s really protective of the people he cares about. He’s very protective of his family. Jonny was pissed, his stance like Brandon’s when the cousin was on protective mode when guys at the mall flirted with his sister.

What is a word for protective?

What is another word for protective?

caring careful
solicitous vigilant
watchful defensive
gallant possessive
wary chivalrous

What is the meaning of Protectivity?

Filters. The state, quality, or condition of being protective.

What is a protective role?

Protective means designed or intended to protect something or someone from harm. […]

What does non protective mean?

having no protecting or concealing cover.

What are protective foods?

: foods (as leafy or yellow vegetables, citrus fruits, meat, milk, eggs) that contain adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and high quality proteins and the protect against development of a deficiency disease (as pellagra, beriberi, scurvy)

Is Protective a quality?

having the quality or function of protecting: a protective covering. tending to protect.

Whats the opposite of protective?

Antonyms: careless, tough, unprotective.

What does it mean to feel protective of someone?

C1. wanting to protect someone from criticism, hurt, danger, etc. because you like them very much: It’s easy to be too protective towards/of your children.

How protective is the skin?

Your skin serves as a physical barrier that holds your organs in place and shields your insides from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, microorganisms and toxic substances. Your skin is also charged with preserving the moist environment within your body and within the skin itself.

How does the skin act as protection?

The skin acts as an external barrier to bacteria, preventing infection and protecting the internal organs. The skin also protects the body from ultraviolet radiation using the pigment barrier formed from melanocyte cells found in the top of the papillary dermis and a protein layer found in the epidermis.

What are two protective foods?

Foods such as leafy or yellow vegetables, meat, citrus fruits, egg, milk, which contain sufficient quantities of vitamins, minerals and high-quality proteins that protect against the occurrence of a disease of deficiency. Beriberi, Scurvy, Pellagra are also examples of protective foods.

What is the noun for protective?

1. protecting, covering, sheltering, shielding, safeguarding, insulating Protective gloves reduce the absorption of chemicals through the skin. 2. caring, defensive, motherly, fatherly, warm, careful, maternal, vigilant, watchful, paternal, possessive He is very protective towards his sisters.

What does protective devices mean?

protective device. An external support applied to vulnerable joints or other body parts to guard against injury. Protective devices include helmets, braces, tape or wrapping, and padding.

What is the definition of protection?

Definition of protection. 1 : the act of protecting : the state of being protected. 2a : one that protects. b : supervision or support of one that is smaller and weaker. c : a contraceptive device (such as a condom)

What is individual protective equipment?

personal protective equipment. Clothing, masks, gloves, or other gear that protects a person from exposure to noxious chemicals or transmissible diseases.

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