What is a Vader bomb?

What is a Vader bomb?

For example, his finishing move, called the Vader Bomb, which is a corner slingshot splash, when he would bounce off the middle rope and land on a prone opponent.

How do you do a moonsault?

The standard moonsault is usually attempted from the top rope, with the wrestler facing the audience. The wrestler then does a backflip into the ring, landing on their opponent (and knocking them down if they happen to be standing).

Who did the first moonsault?

Mando Guerrero (Moonsault) Mando created the moonsault in Mexico in the ’70s, but it was his big brother Chavo who introduced it to a wider audience in the United States.

What is a Spanish fly in wrestling?

Moonsault side slam Any move where the wrestler stands on an elevated position, grabs hold of the opponent, and performs a moonsault while still holding on to the opponent, driving them down to the mat. This move is also known as a Solo Spanish Fly.

Was Vader on Boy Meets World?

Big Van Vader, real name Leon White, made three appearances on Boy Meets World. In his debut on the show, which originally aired on May 5th, 1995, we saw the big man come in as part of a wrestling-themed episode.

How tall is Vader WWE?

6′ 5″
Big Van Vader/Height

What is the meaning of moonsault?

moonsault (plural moonsaults) (professional wrestling) An attack where the wrestler faces away from the supine opponent and executes a backflip landing on the opponent in a splash/press position but facing towards the elevated position.

What is a Swanton Bomb?

One of my personal favorites is the Swanton Bomb, a nickname commonly used by Bobby “Scar” Scarnewman (and others) to describe a Fox combo that ends with an offstage falling up-air.

Who created the piledriver?

Karl Gotch
It was invented by Karl Gotch, known as the Gotch-Style Piledriver and is commonly used by NJPW wrestler Minoru Suzuki (Gotch’s protege) and Jerry Lynn.

Who created the powerbomb?

The wrestler then spins the opponent around 180°, dropping them to the mat back first as they drop to a sitting position. Invented by Jun Akiyama, it is used by Sami Zayn as a finishing move.

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