What is a meaning of the word device?

What is a meaning of the word device?

1 : something devised or contrived: such as. a(1) : plan, procedure, technique a marketing device mnemonic devices. (2) : a scheme to deceive : stratagem, trick. b : something fanciful, elaborate, or intricate in design.

What is an example of a device?

1. In general, a device can refer to any electronic device, including a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. For example, a printer is an example of a device, although more appropriately referred to as a peripheral.

What does device mean on a phone?

An Android device is a device that runs on the Android operating system. An Android device may be a smartphone, tablet PC, e-book reader or any type of mobile device that requires an OS.

What does type of device mean?

Definition. A Device type is a group of devices. It allows you to gather devices and define common means to process the data they transmit.

What are the types of devices?

Types of devices

  • Input devices, which write data to a computer, includes keyboards, mice, touchpads, joysticks, scanners, microphones, barcode scanners, and webcams.
  • Output devices, which accept data from a computer, includes display monitors, printers, speakers, headphones, and projectors.

What is a device in English language?

Literary devices are specific ways of using language or other literary elements that we can recognise and identify in a text (a piece of writing). These can work either at a word or sentence level or across the whole text. There are many language devices to use, including simile , metaphor , allusion and hyperbole .

What are devices used for?

2) In the context of computer technology, a device is a unit of hardware , outside or inside the case or housing for the essential computer (processor, memory, and data paths) that is capable of providing input to the essential computer or of receiving output or of both.

Is a laptop a device?

Logically, therefor, a laptop is, in fact, a mobile device. This is principally because management practices and tools for mobile environments, such as iOS and Android, have traditionally been different than those for PC environments, including Windows and Mac.

What mobile device do you have?

Check your phone’s settings The easiest way to check your phone’s model name and number is to use the phone itself. Go to the Settings or Options menu, scroll to the bottom of the list, and check ‘About phone’, ‘About device’ or similar. The device name and model number should be listed.

What is an android device app?

Google released an Android app for its Android Device Manager service which allows users to locate, ring, lock, and wipe devices remotely. Android Device Manager first launched in early August, giving users who lost or misplaced their devices the possibility to find them or secure them against prying eyes.

Is computer a device?

In a general context, a computer can be considered a device. When the term is used generally (as in computer devices ), it can include keyboards, mouses, display monitors, hard disk drives, CD-ROM players, printers, audio speakers and microphones, and other hardware units.

Is laptop a device?

The basic definition of a mobile device is simply “any computing device designed principally for portability.” By that definition, laptops should clearly be included in that scope. Logically, therefor, a laptop is, in fact, a mobile device.

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