What features do submarines have?

What features do submarines have?

Most large submarines consist of a cylindrical body with hemispherical (or conical) ends and a vertical structure, usually located amidships, which houses communications and sensing devices as well as periscopes. In modern submarines, this structure is the “sail” in American usage and “fin” in European usage.

What is inside a submarine?

Most submarines have two hulls, one inside the other, to help them survive. The outer hull is waterproof, while the inner one (called the pressure hull) is much stronger and resistant to immense water pressure. The strongest submarines have hulls made from tough steel or titanium.

What weapons are on a submarine?

Submarine warfare consists primarily of diesel and nuclear submarines using torpedoes, missiles or nuclear weapons, as well as advanced sensing equipment, to attack other submarines, ships, or land targets.

Do submarines have a black box?

The apparatus, a nautical equivalent of a “black box”, records underwater sounds near and around the submarine and was found in the Kursk’shyrdoacoustics chamber. A first “black box” was found in the Kurskin October, when the submarine was towed to dry-dock near the northern Russian city of Murmansk.

What is the food like on a submarine?

Fresh food lasts about two weeks, then it is canned, dried, and frozen food for the rest of the patrol. When a submarine leaves on patrol, food fills every available corner. Eating takes place in the crew’s mess. Despite the tight galley space, good meals are the rule, with the same menu for officers and enlisted men.

Why are submarine propellers secret?

The shape of the submarine propellers is kept a secret because it can indicate the speed at which it will be rotating for the sake of remaining stealthy. If the enemy is aware of the shape and speed of propellers, it can calculate the output frequency along with the engine type and RPM.

How deep can Navy submarines go?

How Deep Can You Go in a Submarine? That’s classified. What the Navy can tell you is that their submarines can submerge deeper than 800 feet.

Can you fire a gun in a submarine?

Because standard bullet ammunition does not work well underwater, a common feature of underwater firearms is that they fire flechettes instead of standard bullets. Rather, the fired projectile maintains its ballistic trajectory underwater by hydrodynamic effects.

What small arms are on a submarine?


  • 3″/50: This gun was original equipment on most of the early fleet boats.
  • 4″/50: A large number of fleet submarines were re-equipped with this deck gun.
  • 6″/53:
  • 5″/25:
  • 40-Millimeter Bofors:
  • 20-millimeter Oerlikon:
  • Machine guns:

What sank the Minerve?

In January 1968, Minerve was lost with all hands in bad weather while returning to her home port of Toulon. Minerve sank two days after the submarine INS Dakar of the Israeli Navy disappeared in the eastern Mediterranean between Crete and Cyprus.

Do boats have black boxes?

Many cruisers don’t realize that much like a modern commercial airplane, a majority of oceangoing vessels — including cruise ships — are required to carry their own “black box” known as a voyage data recorder. Learn more about what these critical devices record and why they’re important for cruise ship safety.

Can you have eggs on a submarine?

The cook on duty often must prepare the entire meal, mainly because there is very little room for anyone else in the kitchen. The best meals are served during the initial two to three weeks when fresh milk, eggs and vegetables are still available. When a sub is in port its stores of fresh food are replenished.

What kind of submarines does the US Navy have?

In the early 21st century, the USN submarine fleet is made up entirely of nuclear-powered vessels. The U.S. currently operates three classes of fast attack submarine: the Los Angeles, Seawolf, and Virginia classes.

Where did the Navy submarine insignia come from?

The origin of this insignia dates back to June 1923, when Captain Ernest King, USN, Commander, Submarine Division Three (later Fleet Admiral and Chief of Naval Operations), suggested to the Secretary of the Navy that a device for qualified submariners be adopted.

What was found on the submarine in Indonesia?

The submarine was found at a depth of 850 meters (930 yards) and had broken into three parts, Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Adm. Yudo Margono said. Among the objects found by the search team was a submarine escape immersion suit, he said. “This suit is only used to escape in emergency situations.

What was the depth of the submarine found?

A rescue ship from Singapore sent a remote operated vehicle to get clearer underwater visual imagery of the sub. The submarine was found at a depth of 850 meters (930 yards) and had broken into three parts, Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff Adm. Yudo Margono said.


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