What does your residence mean?

What does your residence mean?

The house or apartment where you live is your place of residence. If you’re house proud, it means you keep your residence nice and tidy. The act of living in a place is also called residence. The official home of a person in a position of power — like a monarch or a president — is also called a residence.

What is example of residence?

The definition of a residence is the place where a person lives, or the act of living in a place. An example of residence is where you live. A person may have many places of residence, but only one domicile; a house or apartment; the place where a corporation does business, or is registered to do business.

What does the present address mean?

residential address
Present Address means residential address, not Post Office Box.

Is your residence your address?

Related Definitions Residence address means the street address and any apartment number, or the address at which mail is received if the residence has no address, and the city, state, and zip code that correspond to a person’s residence.

What is a person’s residence?

noun. the place, especially the house, in which a person lives or resides; dwelling; home: Their residence is in New York City.

Whats Does resident mean?

1 : one who resides in a place. 2 : a diplomatic agent residing at a foreign court or seat of government especially : one exercising authority in a protected state as representative of the protecting power. 3 : a physician serving a residency.

Where do u reside?

The place where you live — whether house, hotel, or mobile home — is where you reside. The President of the United States resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in a little shack called the White House. You can also use reside to refer to the community where you make your home.

What defines residency?

1a : a usually official place of residence. b : a state or period of residence a 20-year residency in the city also : residence sense 2c. 2 : a territory in a protected state in which the powers of the protecting state are executed by a resident agent.

What is present residential address?

Present address is a Present location. It can be the address where an individual is residing with a friend or a relative, or where she/he has rented an accommodation or is a paying guest, or can also be a post office box where she/he has rented a postal box where any correspondence to him/her is delivered.

How do you write out a present address?

How to write an address

  1. Write the recipient’s name on the first line.
  2. Write the street address or post office (P.O.) box number on the second line.
  3. Write the city, state, and ZIP code on the third.

Is Residence same as address?

As nouns the difference between residence and address is that residence is residence (place where one resides) while address is direction or superscription of a letter, or the name, title, and place of residence of the person addressed.

What is residence address example?

Various types of examples of finding any residential address are included such as pin code, street name, apartment number, landmark name, building number, etc.

How is the word’residence’used in a sentence?

Examples of residence in a Sentence He recently ended his residence at the apartment complex. They were granted residence in this country. Recent Examples on the Web Some in the town praised God for surviving the earthquake, and many went to the city’s cathedral, which appeared outwardly undamaged even if the priests’ residence was destroyed.

What does continuous residence in the United States mean?

“Continuous residence” means that the applicant has maintained residence within the United States for the required period of time shown above. Extended absences outside of the U.S. may disrupt an applicant’s continuous residence.

What’s the legal definition of a place of residence?

1) the place where one makes his/her home. However, a person may have his/her state of “domicile” elsewhere for tax or other purposes, especially if the residence is for convenience or not of long standing. 2) in corporation law, the state of incorporation.

What does it mean to be in Residence at a university?

4a : the period or duration of abode in a place. b : a period of active and especially full-time study, research, or teaching at a college or university. in residence. : engaged to live and work at a particular place often for a specified time poet in residence at a university.

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