What does the word totara mean?

What does the word totara mean?

: a tall tree (Podocarpus totara) of New Zealand having hard reddish wood used for furniture and construction (as of bridges and wharves) and being the country’s most valuable timber tree next to the kauri.

What is totara used for?

Coloured and sapwood totara timber grades are mostly used for interior applications, particularly joinery, linings, finishings and furniture. Treated sapwood could be used for exterior cladding and joinery, decking, fence battens and rails, and structural uses* Click here for more….

What do totara look like?

The leaves are 2.5 cm long, narrow at both ends and are dull brownish-green. They are stiff and prickly to touch. Totara is also recognised by the distinctive bark, which flakes off in thick brown slabs. Like all podocarps, Totara trees have cones – male and female cones grow on separate trees.

What does a totara tree represent?

The trunk of the Totara symbolises life and growth. It reaches down towards Papatuanuku and up towards Ranginui at the same time, forming a link between the two primal parents, separated by Tane, the Atua of the forests. surrounding the heart-wood beneath symbolises the pilgrimage on which we can all set forth.

What is Totara LMS?

Totara Learn, formerly known as Totara LMS, is a learning management system designed for businesses. As well as being a platform to host all your elearning content on, it has a host of features that make it the quickest, easiest and most reliable way to train staff.

Is totara native to NZ?

Podocarpus totara (from the Maori-language tōtara; the spelling “totara” is also common in English) is a species of podocarp tree endemic to New Zealand. It grows throughout the North Island and northeastern South Island in lowland, montane and lower subalpine forest at elevations of up to 600 m.

How did Maori use totara?

For Māori it was used as the primary wood for carving as it can be shaped easily using simple stone tools. Tōtara was used to construct houses, tools, weapons, musical instruments toys, and Tōtara carvings often adorn the front of Marae.

How tall is a totara?

Common totara grows up to 30 meters tall with a trunk diameter of up to 2 metres or more. It can be found across the country in lowland and mountain forest. The bark is reddish/gray in colour, often deeply furrowed, and quite stingy.

How do you grow totara?

Totara will grow best on well-sheltered sites with free-draining soils, but it can survive on dry, stony, and exposed sites. It grows well in open sites (without shade), and can be established in gaps in regenerating scrub.

What Kowhai means?

A strong part of the Maori culture and tradition, it features within songs, folk law and legends. As a Kōwhai-turanga oraor Tree of Life in the Waikato, it refers to authority and powers held by people to whom we look to for help and life.

What is Te Wao Nui a Tane?

New Zealand’s forests provided Māori with rich inspiration for sayings and expressions, as well as the means of life. Tāne, the god of the forest, separated earth and sky and let light into the world.

What is the difference between Moodle and Totara?

The primary difference between Moodle and Totara is that Moodle was originally developed to be a free alternative for educators to create elearning content, with a focus on collaboration and continuous development and evolution, whereas Totara was conceived as an enterprise solution for organizations rather than …

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