What does Annemarie find in the grass?

What does Annemarie find in the grass?

What did Annemarie find in the grass? Ellen’s Star of David necklace.

Who died in Chapter 8 in number the stars?

Annemarie understands these words to be some kind of code, though she is unsure of the meaning. Uncle Henrik says that he will be sleeping on the boat tonight and that he will be leaving early in the morning. Then Henrik announces that Great-Aunt Birte, a very old woman, has died.

What happens in Chapter 13 in number the stars?

Annemarie runs to her mother. Mama tells her she’s okay and warns her to keep her voice down. Hurrying back along the path in the dark after safely delivering the Rosens to Henrik, Inge had stumbled on a root and broken her ankle in her haste to get back to her daughters.

What does Annemarie find next to the house?

What does Annemarie find next to the house? Annemarie finds the packet Peter gave Mr. Rosen to take to Henrik.

What happens in chapter 12 of Number the Stars?

Annemarie accidentally dozes off, and when she wakes up she gets worried—it’s past the time her mother should be back, but Mama didn’t come to get her. She searches the farmhouse, and when she doesn’t find her mother, she starts to get panicky (duh).

What happens in chapter 9 of Number the Stars?

In Chapter 9, Annemarie confronts her Uncle Henrik with the knowledge she has that there is no Great-aunt Birte. She knows he and her mother have lied to her and she wants to know why. At the end of the chapter, Ellen is reunited with her parents amid the tension and uncertainty of the fictitious funeral.

What happens in chapter 10 of Number the Stars?

In Chapter 10 of Number the Stars, Annemarie waits to find out what the pretend funeral, a gathering after someone has died, is really about. Annemarie’s mom tells the Nazi that it’s because Aunt Birte died of a contagious disease, but that she would be happy to open it so she can kiss her aunt one last time.

Who is Annemarie in Number the Stars?

Annemarie Johansen Annemarie is the protagonist of the story. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her mother, father, and younger sister Kirsti. Annemarie’s best friend is Ellen, the girl who lives next door. Annemarie is ten years old.

What happens in chapter 15 of Number the Stars?

Annemarie tries to play dumb and go along with her mother’s advice. She decides she will take her little sister Kirsti as a model. (This would be a good place for a joke about little sisters being dumb, but we’ll resist.) Kirsti is protected by her own innocence, and Annemarie has to create that innocence for herself.

What is Chapter 7 about in Number the Stars?

In Chapter 7 of Number the Stars, Annemarie Johansen shows her friend Ellen Rosen around at Uncle Henrik’s country home. Ellen is very impressed at how beautiful it is and by the nearby sea. Mrs. Johansen warns the girls to avoid people when they are outside, as there are Nazi soldiers everywhere.

Where does Annemarie point out in the house by the sea?

Annemarie points out across the water at the “misty shoreline” of Sweden. Soon, Mama calls them both into the house, and asks Annemarie if she or Ellen saw or talked to anybody.

How does Annemarie remember life before the war?

Annemarie remembers the plentiful and carefree existence her family enjoyed before the war with longing—since the occupation and the death of her older sister, Lise, in a mysterious hit-and-run accident, nothing has been the same.

Why did Annemarie and Papa take Ellen to the countryside?

When it becomes clear that the officers are suspicious of Ellen’s presence in the Johansen household, however, Annemarie’s Mama and Papa decide to bring Ellen to the countryside to seek refuge.

Who are the main characters in number the stars?

The protagonist of the novel, ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen is an outgoing and ambitious young girl who maintains a cheerful outlook even as her Nazi-occupied hometown of Copenhagen becomes a dangerous place for her and her best friend Ellen Rosen, who is Jewish.

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