What are two main rivers in Trinidad?

What are two main rivers in Trinidad?


  • Yarra River.
  • Marianne River.
  • Shark River.

What are 5 rivers in Trinidad?


  • Courland River.
  • Coffee River.
  • Castara River.
  • Bloody Bay River.

What ocean surrounds Trinidad and Tobago?

North Atlantic Ocean
Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelagic republic in the southern Caribbean between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela. They are southeasterly islands of the Lesser Antilles, Monos, Huevos, Gaspar Grande (or Gasparee), Little Tobago, and St. Giles Island.

What are the rivers in Trinidad?

West Coast (Gulf of Paria)

  • Santa Cruz River.
  • Maracas River.
  • San Juan River.
  • St. Joseph River.
  • Tunapuna River.
  • Tacarigua River (Caura River)
  • Arouca River.
  • Oropuna River.

What is the biggest river in Trinidad?

Caroni River
The Caroni River is the largest river in Trinidad and Tobago, running for 40 km (25 mi) from its origins in the Northern Range on the island of Trinidad, through the northern lowlands of the Caroni Plains and enters the Gulf of Paria at the Caroni Swamp.

What is the name of the sea on the west coast of Trinidad?

Caribbean Sea
Four bodies of water Separating Trinidad’s west coast from Venezuela is the Gulf of Paria. The southern channel between the two countries is called the Columbus Channel. Trinidad’s north coast borders the Caribbean Sea; its east coast meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Where is Caura River located?

island of Trinidad
The Tacarigua River (commonly known as the Caura River) is a river on the island of Trinidad. It originates in the Northern Range and drains into the Caura Valley. It passes through the town of Tacarigua in the East–West Corridor before joining the Caroni River.

How many rivers are in Trinidad?

7 RIVERS AND WATERFALLS The second-longest river, the Caroni at 40 kilometers (25 miles) long, runs westward to the Gulf of Paria in the north. The Navet River begins in the dead center of the island and flows east to the ocean. Flowing to the southern coast is the Inniss.

Where is Courland river in Tobago?

Courland River is a stream in Tobago and has an elevation of 7 metres. Courland River is situated nearby to Plymouth, close to Barrel of Beef Rock.

How many rivers are there in Trinidad?

7 RIVERS AND WATERFALLS Rivers and streams on Trinidad and Tobago are numerous but short. The longest rivers are located on Trinidad. The Ortoire is the nation’s longest river, extending 50 kilometers (31 miles) eastward to the Atlantic Ocean in the south.

Is Trinidad and Tobago under sea level?

Trinidad and Tobago is thus the 25th smallest country in the Americas and ranked 174th in the world. It is very deep with an average elevation of only 83 m above sea level.

What is the largest river in Trinidad?

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