Is La Rochelle a big city?

Is La Rochelle a big city?

10.98 mi²
La Rochelle/Area

Why is La Rochelle famous?

Capital of the Charente-Maritime, La Rochelle is well known for its postcard-pretty Old Port picture. Protected by the Chaîne tower and the Saint-Nicolas tower, the old port has inspired numerous artists. After a walk on the quays, the visitor is invited to go along the beautiful narrow streets of the old town.

Is La Rochelle in Brittany?

Brittany is located in France….Brittany Distances to Cities.

Brittany Distance
Distance from Brittany to Paris 397 km
Distance from Brittany to La Rochelle 264 km
Distance from Brittany to Nice 934 km

Where in France is Charente-Maritime?

Charente-Maritime tourism. The French department of Charente-Maritime is located on the Atlantic coast of western France, in the Poitou-Charentes region. The department extends from just north of La Rochelle to the Gironde estuary (north of Bordeaux) to the south.

Is La Rochelle expensive?

Newly built apartments are very expensive in La Rochelle, the average price being €4,500/sq m, whereas just buying in the area of the town will allow you to save money: prices there are about €3,970/sq m. A buy-to-let may be an interesting investment as La Rochelle houses many students.

What does Rochelle mean in French?

small rock
noun. La. La Rochelle. a female given name: from a French word meaning “small rock.”

How big is Charente-Maritime?

2,650 mi²

listen)) is a department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region on the southwestern coast of France. Named after the river Charente, its prefecture is La Rochelle. As of 2016, it had a population of 642,191 with an area of 6,864 square kilometres (2,650 square miles).

What number is Charente-Maritime?

The Charente-Maritime, located in the South West of France is a department of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. The department proudly bears the number 17. The prefecture is La Rochelle.

Is La Rochelle safe?

La Rochelle is not known for being particularly dangerous and visitors should not be concerned about being a victim of violence. Theft does happen, though, and tourists still need to be careful, as they are often targeted by criminals.

Is La Rochelle Nice?

La Rochelle is a lively, sparkling seaside town with a great reputation for seafood, three urban beaches and the best vieux port on the French Atlantic. Spend the late afternoon watching the pleasure boats and the evening on the seafront, eating a platter of shellfish.

What is the Rochelle?

noun. : a crystalline salt KNaC4H4O6·4H2O that is a mild purgative.

Is Rochelle a German name?

It is of French and Old German origin, and the meaning of Rochelle is “little rock; rest”. May be based on the French place name of La Rochelle. Also feminine variant of Rocco (Italian).

Who are the inhabitants of Aigrefeuille d’Aunis?

The inhabitants are known as Aigrefeuillais or Aigrefeuillaises. By population as well as by economic weight, it is the first city in the Community of Communes of Plaine d’Aunis and it is one of the three main urban centres of the Pays d’ Aunis along with Surgères and Marans .

Where is the town of Aigrefeuille in France?

Aigrefeuille d’Aunis is a small town of 3,577 inhabitants, located in the northwest quarter of the department of Charente-Maritime, in the region of Aunis, 25 km east of La Rochelle, 22 km north of Rochefort and 15 km west of Surgères.

Where is the province of Aunis in France?

Aunis is a historical province of France, situated in the north-west of the department of Charente-Maritime.

What do you call the people of Aunis?

People from Aunis were called Aunisien (masculine) or Aunisienne (feminine). The English term is Aunisian . Aunis is mostly a rolling chalk plain, whose navigable rivers have always been important modes of communication, and from which came economic development and the urbanisation of the region.

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