Is i5 good for photo editing?

Is i5 good for photo editing?

The i5 is plenty powerful for light photo editing. The i5 should be fine for photo editing with LR and PS with the files sizes you are dealing with. Get the SSD and add the optional 16 GBs of RAM. Both LR and PS need CPU, plenty of RAM AND plenty of data storage space.

Are iMacs good for photo editing?

The macOS operating system has been refined and improved over many years and is one of the most streamlined interfaces around, syncing perfectly with popular editing applications like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Pro. As it stands, we rate the 2020 27-inch iMac as the best iMac for serious image or video editing.

Is iMac 24 good for photo editing?

While users who need seriously potent performance for hardcore image or video editing are still best advised to go for the Intel-based 27-inch iMac and its extra RAM capacity, the new 24-inch iMac packs enough power to satisfy the vast majority of image or video editing requirements.

What computer specs do I need for photo editing?

Aim for a quad-core, 3 GHz CPU, 8 GB of RAM, a small SSD, and maybe a GPU for a good computer that can handle most Photoshop needs. If you’re a heavy user, with large image files and extensive editing, consider a 3.5-4 GHz CPU, 16-32 GB RAM, and maybe even ditch the hard drives for a full SSD kit.

Is i5 processor enough for Photoshop?

Photoshop prefers clockspeed to large amounts of cores. These characteristics make the Intel Core i5, i7 and i9 range perfect for Adobe Photoshop use. With their excellent bang for your buck performance levels, high clockspeeds and a maximum of 8 cores, they are the go-to choice for Adobe Photoshop Workstation users.

Is i5 or i7 better?

Intel Core i7 processors are typically faster and more capable than Core i5 CPUs. The latest i7 chips offer up to six cores and 12 threads, making them better suited for advanced multitasking.

Is iMac i5 good for Photoshop?

The Core i5 is plenty of processing power for most photographers. In fact, I really think the lowest option 27″ 2020 iMac is the sweet spot for most photographers. New data has educated me to offer a better recommendation for photographers here in 2020. Especially budget conscious photographers.

What Mac do I need for Photoshop?


Processor Intel processor with 64-bit support; 2 GHz or faster processor with SSE 4.2 or later
Operating system macOS Catalina (version 10.15) or later
Graphics card GPU with Metal support 1.5 GB of GPU memory

Can iMac run Final Cut Pro?

All iMacs in the current line will be fine for use wtih Final Cut Pro X *except* the lowest-end model (the “Iris Pro Graphics” model).

What processor is best for photo editing?


CPU Name Cores Photoshop Score
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16 1203
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8 1195
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12 1178
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6 1114

Is an i3 processor good enough for Photoshop?

Photoshop will definitely work with an i3. More RAM is rarely a bad choice, but it might not help as much as you desire. Adobe Photoshop depends more on the power of your GPU and the speed of your scratch disk (ie, the hard drive that is used for direct project file manipulation) than on RAM.

Is the iMac Core i5 good for video editing?

The Core i5, even though it comes with most of the bells and whistles like SSD and the rest, is still not powerful enough for super-intensive photo editing tasks. And if you do feel like doing video editing anytime in the future this version of the iMac will find itself out of breadth. 6 cores might still be able to do this in late 2020.

Are there any problems with the iMac 21.5?

The biggest problem with the lowest 21.5″ iMac is the Intel 7th generation Core-i5 dual-core processor. It just isn’t enough for the demanding photo editing software. At least not when you have some other options very close in price. I am not saying that photo editing programs like Lightroom Classic and Photoshop won’t run.

Is the iMac a good computer for a photographer?

Though the 21.5″ screen size is pretty small for editing photos, a size I really can’t recommend, the 2019 21.5″ iMac can still be a very good computer for photographers and I will tell you how here. First let’s talk about what configurations of the 2019 21.5″ iMac should NOT buy.

Which is better Photoshop or the iMac Retina?

The benchmark of photo editing applications is Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and that is what a majority of photographers use. The iMac retina is definitely faster than the old Mac Pro and the new MacBook Pro; when it comes to taking care of resource hungry photo editing tasks such as converting images from RAW to DNG.

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